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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Jan. 6

(How's Jenkins progressing?)
Cullen Jenkins is making progress. He practiced today a little more than he did yesterday. Went through some of the team drills. Just as we said at the beginning of the week, we're going to take the full week of preparation and have a decision at the end of the week. He's getting better.

(Did Korey have a setback?)
Well, I guess you could classify it as that. He's not ready to practice yet. His chances are decreasing to be ready for the game.

(Does that hurt you on special teams?)
Korey's been a good special teams player for us. We're working on a number of different combinations, as we have been all year. It's part of the game.

(Has Starks come along since you talked about him a couple of weeks ago? Because if you don't have Hall, he has a chance to be active.)
James and Korey play different positions, both fullback and halfback and even on special teams. James Starks, he's getting better.

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