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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - July 31


(Was this the type of tempo you were looking for?)
I would definitely say the overall tempo of the practice was very good. We finished in the plus category. We measure every practice that we have here as far as getting in and out of the huddle and finishing the periods, particularly the timed team periods early. That part of it was a plus.

(Can this set the tone for the whole camp?)
There were some positives today. Really, to be honest with you I thought the fans set the tone today, just with the environment, having a full stadium on Day 1. There were some things that obviously were sloppy, but we have some great quality film with all of the individual drills, the fundamental drills and just good team work as far as schematically what we are doing against one another. The punt work I thought was good. We were getting right into our adjustments and checks in that particular area. It's quality film and we'll definitely learn from it, but there was definitely some sloppiness to it.

(Any concern with the weather or with guys slipping?)
If you had an opportunity to walk on the field, the field is great. They had the blowers out earlier when it was lightly raining and there was a mist. I really had zero intention of going inside because the field condition is excellent.

(What is the thought process with the left guard spot. College got all of the reps with the first group today; will Spitz see time there tomorrow?)
We're not right there as far as exactly the reps, what each guy is doing. That's going to be a day-to-day issue. It's something that we'll keep close control of. The health of the team right now is my primary concern, particularly reps at any particular position. This is a football team with more health issues that we have had in the past on Day 1. I'm not worried about that particular position or any position. The reps will definitely work themselves out.

(Will you continue to work Spitz at all three inside spots?)
Jason Spitz has played all three positions since he has been here, so I think that would definitely continue.

(Did Bigby try to pass his physical again?)
We are gathering more information on Atari Bigby. There are some tests that will be done. We don't have all of the answers right now, and that will probably go into next week, to be honest.

(Any rookies stand out with the pads on?)
I would definitely better assess that with the view of the practice film. There were a couple guys that jumped out, the defense with the three turnovers. There were a number of dropped balls today from the offense. But that's something I can probably better answer once I watch the film.

(What happened with Brad Jones?)
Brad Jones took a helmet in the back, and that's why he did go past the group period.

(Do you sense a lot of optimism from the players?)
I see it every day throughout the spring, and it's no different when they showed up for work yesterday. I thought we had a very workmanlike approach today. Day 1 is always different because there's a high anxiety level. There's a newness every year for everybody involved, particularly the rookies. It's really their first time to be down there in this type of environment. I thought it was a very workmanlike practice today. Once again, there was definitely some sloppiness. There was some slipping around. The pre-snap penalties were too high. But I thought we'll definitely have some really quality film, as far as the defenses Dom was giving the offense, the formations the offense was giving the defense, and the looks Shawn was giving the punt team. I feel really good about that. We're that far ahead on Day 1, and it's really once again a tribute to the time that our players spend here in the spring.

(How did Bulaga look?)
I didn't get a great look at Bryan. I'll watch the individual tape today. I was more interested in the structure of the practice. A big part of my job is to make sure the urgency, the communication is proper. Urgency, tempo, and discipline, those are the three key points that I look at from a head coach's position every time I walk out here. I just want to make sure the substitutions and general basic mechanics of football are sharp today. You have to set that pace early to make sure that becomes second-nature. I thought we did OK in that area. But as far as individual evaluations, I really can't give you one right now.

(Was this the normal number of punts for the punters today?)
It depends on the emphasis. Today our emphasis was punt. We've gone with a little different format in special teams, as far as working maybe one segment per practice, maybe two. We've dedicated more time in our special teams practices. That was clearly evident with a 15-minute period there early as opposed to a 10-minute in the past, which gave the punters more opportunities.

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