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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Nov. 18


(What's your concern level with Wells and Hall?)
Scott Wells, I don't have a very high concern level with. It's something that is bothering Scott, so we just had him with some limited reps today. Korey Hall's back just kind of locked up on him there at the beginning of practice, so we'll see how he responds to treatment today and see where Korey is at in the morning.

(What have you thought of Korey this year? Before he was splitting time with John at fullback and now he's more of the guy.)
Well, really Korey and John have done an excellent job because they have a number of different roles, both on special teams and for our offense. Just the way we used them week in and week out, obviously our offense has changed throughout the season. But I'm very pleased with the performance of both Korey Hall and John Kuhn.

(Did Pickett do more today and how did he seem?)
I don't have all that. I'll have to watch the film on Ryan to really give you a true assessment. But yes, he did a lot more today than he did yesterday.

(Any sense on Driver yet?)
Just being smart with him. He went through the jog-through and then he worked with the rehab group. The goal is to see if he can go tomorrow in practice. But it's been positive. He's ahead of where he was going into the Jet game. That's been kind of the standard, the comparison that we've been using.

(Was that the process you wanted to go through, get him ready for Friday?)
It's clearly based on the progress. Donald obviously has played a ton of football for us, so I'm not as worried about the practice reps. It's really about Donald getting healthy and trying to limit the risk of this being a repeated situation.

(Can Havner jump right back into it on offense and special teams?)
Spencer hasn't played in a few weeks. You can see his conditioning has picked up throughout the week. But he has a very good understanding of what we do on offense. He's not having any issues mentally, and even moreso on special teams. I'd be comfortable playing with Spencer.

(With Clay, is that a situation similar to Woodson where you're managing an injury week to week?)
With Clay we're definitely managing his injury, yes.

(What have you seen from Starks? Is he still imitating Adrian Peterson in practice?)
He's getting better. Today is the perfect day for James Starks or any player that has missed training camp. We had a very spirited padded practice. I'm very pleased with what it looked like on the field, and I think I'll feel the same after watching the film. The blitz pick-up drills, the red-zone work, the special team work, the punt protection, even working the opponent squad in punt protection, kickoff, kickoff return, that's exactly what he needs. He's getting better.

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