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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Nov. 26


(What's the word on Wells?)
Rested Scott Wells. I fully anticipate him ready to go for Sunday.

(If disaster were to strike at safety, who's your fourth guy?)
We talked about that the other day. We have three that we feel very confident in. Jarrett Bush has trained back there. We feel we're covered definitely, if Anthony doesn't go.

(What do you see when you look at Tramon's play? Is he at the level of an elite corner?)
Tramon Williams is having an outstanding y ear, but we still have a lot of football left. Very proud of Tramon for where he started. But he's definitely playing at a very high level. Once you reach that level, it's important to stack successes, and he's been doing that throughout the season, and I look forward to watching him continue to do that the remainder of the year. But he's playing at a very high level right now. Very proud of him.

(You watch a lot of film when you're prepping. Have you seen  many corners playing better than him?)
Just going back through them, he's definitely playing at a high level. I think he'll be recognized. He was a game-ball winner for us this week for his performance against Minnesota. Whether he'll be recognized across the league, that's to be seen, but he's definitely deserving.

(Did Anthony Smith do anything in practice?)
No. We're really just taking the cautious approach with Anthony because I want to make sure, if we need him to go, that he's had every chance to get here. He's doubtful for a reason. But we feel good with Jarrett Bush and the other guys that are available.

(What do you think of John Abraham?)
I think he's a dynamic pass rusher. He played very well against us up here two years ago, and he's playing at a high level right now. Anytime you play against someone like John's ability, it's a different game on turf. He's going to be an excellent challenge for us. Chad's playing in my opinion, Chad Clifton, his best football in my time here, and he does have the ability to go to the other side. In our last contest they played him on both sides. That's something that we've prepared for.

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