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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Oct. 31


(Injuries coming out of the game)
OK, I'll start with the injuries. Patrick Lee had an ankle and did not return, the x-rays were negative. Donald Driver, it's the same quad, he dropped out in the second quarter. Aaron Rodgers had an ankle sprain and he did return.

(Opening comments and thoughts on the game)
Excellent road victory, just like we talked about as a team, it was the first time we've had a shutout on the road since 1991. I'm very proud of our defense, I thought they were outstanding today particularly with the three turnovers and the two big stops on fourth down. Field position was also a huge factor, Tim Masthay was outstanding, I think we were about 180 yards [ahead] in field position and that obviously factored into the game. Offensively, we didn't do a very good job on third downs, I felt like we were probably thinking too much and then we got back to some base things in the second half and the penalties stopped us in the second half. It's an excellent road win, we're glad to be at 5-3 and we're looking at is as if it's a seven-day season right now until we get to the bye and we've got a big one at home Sunday night against Dallas. We've been fighting through a tough spot and I'm very proud of what we were able to accomplish here today.

(On what may be contributing to the development and improvement of Masthay)
Well, Tim is a young man; he's young in experience also in this league and you can see him getting better and better. You could see him getting better and better and it really started through training camp when he was in the competition and I feel that he is improving as the games go on. There is no lack of talent, he has exceptional leg strength and he has very good mechanics, very good fundamentals and he was huge for us today.

(On whether he was expecting as much coverage as the Jets defense played in the game)
I thought they played us very similarly to Miami, which didn't surprise me, just knowing Mike Nolan's background with this defense staff. Frankly, I'll take responsibility for the offense; we simplified a lot of things based on the way we viewed them as a defense. We probably overanalyzed certain situations and I thought we played that way in the first half, especially on third down; we just couldn't extend a drive there. We came in at halftime, went back to the basics, I thought we moved the ball very well, but we had the costly penalties on those first two series and it was a quick third quarter. We need to clean some things up on offense, and obviously be more productive in points. The run game, I have to give to credit to their run defense, I thought we'd be able to come in here and run the ball more efficiently.

(On what he meant when he said the offense was "overanalyzing" situations)
I'm just talking about just the way we played, they looked like they were moving faster than we were and it's like anything in football, you can't go out and try to be right all the time. You need to go out and play and trust your adjustments and in the National Football League, in my opinion, the four fundamentals of football are blocking, tackling, taking care of the football and adjustments. There are adjustments on every single play that these players make and we need to go out there and run our base offense against these defenses and just go play.

*(On the performance of the defense despite the loss of five starters to injury) *It's a credit to our players and I'll tell you what, it's a credit to our defensive staff. To have four transactions in one week and to get the players acclimated. Juggling the 53 to the 45, it was really a challenge, particularly for Shawn Slocum, I can't say enough about the job he has done because that's the first area that has been affected by our changing of the depth chart week to week and I thought Dom [Capers] did a very good job of inserting those guys. We played our defense, they played at a high level, we've been kind of getting our hands on a number of balls and our turnover ratio, we haven't been pleased with it all year, and I thought we made a big step in the right direction. The three takeaways and stopping them twice on fourth down, that's pretty much five takeaways in that game and that's huge, that's the way we play defense.

(On whether losing Driver on top of the other skill player on offense has limited the number of weapons at his disposal)
I don't think that way. We've got players, and I love our players and I need to do a better job and I'll get that done. I thought our point production would definitely be higher than nine points coming into this game. I give credit to the Jets defense, but I need to do a better job. There is nothing wrong with the play or the players or the quarterback and things like that; we just need to do a better job of putting them in positions to be successful.

(On how much the wind factored in the game today)
I'll tell you what, it was different. You come in from the outside – and the stadium is beautiful, they did a great job with the structure – but you didn't really feel it in pregame, but then you look at the field goal posts and they're shaking, so it had its moments, but the wind was no excuse today. We had a couple of balls on the boundary that may have factored in, but I didn't think it was a huge factor in the game.

(On whether he thought the wind particularly affected the field goal kickers)
It was an inconsistency and you could look into that. It looked like, particularly on their kick, that he played the wind and it didn't happen. I'll get a better view of that once I see the film. 

(On whether he was told from upstairs to challenge the fake punt play that was overturned and gave the Packers the ball)
I was on the other side of the field, it looked like he was close just because of the way he was extending it, but the call clearly came from upstairs and we were able to get the flag thrown before they were got on the football and it was a big play in the game.

(On where the win ranks among others during his head coaching tenure)
I feel like I done this long enough that I don't rank them. We're going to have bigger wins than this during my time in Green Bay you can trust me on that, but this is an excellent road win.

(On the effectiveness of the run defense in the absence of DE Ryan Pickett)
I thought Howard Green did a nice job of stepping in there. A.J. Hawk and Desmond Bishop are doing a great job of running that defense and our guys are getting off the ball and staying square at the line of scrimmage. That's a damn good run team; we felt that they were the best run team we'd played to date, and that was a heck of a job by our defense.

(On whether or not the team worked out DE Cullen Jenkins and when they decided he could play)
He had a very good workout on Friday and then when he came in Saturday, we pretty much knew, just from the way he responded from the workout on Friday. He went through it with the trainers and the strength coach and Mike Trgovac took him through extensive work on Friday, so really when he came in Saturday and had the strength that we felt that he needed, we felt that with another 24 hours we were confident he could play. Ryan Pickett is not ready yet, we worked out Ryan today, we worked out a bunch of guys today. Dimitri Nance worked out, he was unable to go. Donald [Driver], I trust Donald, and he tried to fight through it, so we had a number of guys out there working out this morning.

(On the two interceptions wrestled away by Packers defenders today)
I think that's speaks volumes about our defensive secondary, they're an instinctive bunch. Frankly, if we weren't so good at receiver, I'd play some of those guys on offense. The ball skills of our secondary players with Charles [Woodson] and Nick [Collins] and Tramon [Williams] and all the way through, they are an instinctive bunch.

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