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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Sept. 16


(Are you encouraged with Mike Neal?)
Mike Neal made progress today, so we'll see how he feels in the morning. Hopefully he can go through a full practice tomorrow. Tomorrow morning will be a big obstacle, which is usually is after a player comes back for his first day of practice.

(Do you suppose you're going to be dealing with Woodson's toe issue all year?)
Well, it's the big toe, and it was a pretty good injury on Friday. He made it through the game, and we'll just judge it week to week.

(How's Clay's hamstring?)
Clay practiced today, so he looked good today.

(You said it was very sore yesterday …)
He practiced more today than he did yesterday, so I think he's getting the soreness out.

(Have you talked to A.J. Hawk at all? There's a quote out there from his agent that he's open to a trade.)
No, I have not talked to A.J. Hawk about the story or your story or whoever's story it was in today's paper. I thought A.J. had a normal, professional day today like he always does. Practices hard, prepares the right way, getting ready to beat Buffalo.

(What's his future here for the rest of the year?)
A.J. Hawk is a very good football player. You can't always put just 11 players on the field that are good players. I will not apologize for having more than 11 good defensive football players on our team. I've discussed this with our football team at the beginning of the season. It's tough to utilize those guys, but those are good problems. This is something we've been building as a personnel department and we're very thankful we have A.J. Hawk and a number of other very good players.

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