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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Sept. 17

(How did Charles look today?)
Charles Woodson? I thought he looked fine. Went through a full practice. He's ready to go.

(Is he still dealing with some soreness in the toe?)
Oh, I'm sure. I think it's just something that he'll probably deal with for some time.

(Did Colledge just get a bug?)
Yeah, Daryn came in this morning sick. So we'll see how he is tomorrow. I don't know if it's a 24-hour, or where he stands. We'll see how Daryn is in the morning.

(What happened with Korey Hall?)
Korey Hall has a hip. It's been bothering him a little bit and he kind of torqued it yesterday in practice. Probably give him 48 hours to get ready for this game.

(Did Neal have a setback? You said this morning would be important for him.)
Mike Neal is getting close. Had a chance to watch him a little bit, go through the rehab. I don't know if he's going to make it. I don't like the fact that he did not practice today. We'll evaluate him. We'll talk about Mike Neal … today, we have a 1 o'clock game management meeting with all the coordinators, so Mike Neal will obviously be a topic. Brandon Underwood will be another player in that category. So we need to talk where we feel we stand with those particular players, and the medical staff will have input on that. Also the concern for Korey Hall and Daryn Colledge, those answers will come in time here over the next day.

(If Daryn can't go, would Bulaga be the guy?)
Correct, yes. Bryan Bulaga would start at left guard.

(You had a lot of penalties on special teams and in all phases last year, and last week you only had two. Were you happy with that, and did you put in any extra work or extra emphasis on it?)
Anytime you go through a season, you have an opportunity to evaluate, and you try to build off the positives and you try to create focus and emphasis through drill work and other ways on things that didn't go very well. Penalties was obviously one of the focuses in the offseason. So we're off to a good start.

(Has Nance picked up enough of the offense to contribute?)
I really can't answer that question. I think he's a very bright young man, just from my conversations with Edgar Bennett. But he is coming from a terminology offense that's a lot different than ours. But it's still football. If he was to be up on Sunday, we would definitely have a package for him.

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