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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Sept. 24


(What happened with Pickett and Colledge?)
Ryan Pickett, he just kind of tightened up today, so we were just smart with him. I don't know if you were down there for practice yesterday, Daryn Colledge was rolled up in our screen-and-deceptive drill, and had some swelling, so he has a knee sprain. I don't have all the information about Daryn. I'll get that, because they were going to get some more information when we were at practice. Must be practicing too hard.

(Are you concerned about Daryn?)
I'm concerned. Yeah, he missed practice. I think anytime Daryn Colledge misses practice, it's a concern. Daryn's been a very reliable player for us. He doesn't miss practice. Bryan Bulaga worked there at left guard today. Chad Clifton's doing better. Talked to Chad after practice, and he feels good, so we'll see how he responds in the morning.

(If you didn't have Chad or Daryn, which spot would be Bryan's?)
I really don't want to get into that right now. I'll collect all the medical information and we'll move ahead accordingly. We have 10 linemen, so we'll have five out there Monday night for sure.

(Bryan seems like a smart guy. Is he able to handle double duty?)
Yeah, Bryan's been training both at left guard and left tackle, and really has also trained for right tackle. Being the swing player, when you go from 53 to 45 for gameday, that's all part of playing those positions. We're very confident that Bryan will be ready to go wherever he's needed.

(Did you think Chad moved well today?)
I watched Chad today a lot, and I thought Chad moved well. I spoke to him briefly after practice. It was just really good to get outside. Being inside this time of year is not the preferred. We were able to get outside. We stayed inside just to make sure that we get the kicking aspects of our practice in order. It was good to get out there to practice.

(Is it not looking good for Mike Neal?)
Mike took a step backwards. Practiced well yesterday. He didn't do everything yesterday. He felt good coming off the field, but when Dr. McKenzie examined him this morning, he just felt like he took a step backwards.

(How's Crabtree, and if he can't play, is Quarless up to speed?)
Quarless is ready. He's ready to play. He's been practicing and he's been pushing for opportunities to play each week. I thought he really came on strong the last two weeks in training camp, and I'll be very comfortable with Andrew in there.

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