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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Sept. 30


(Do you have cause for concern with Shields? Did he get hurt in practice or is it from the game?)
Sam's injury occurred today in practice, and I do not have the level of concern in front of me. He's in treatment right now in the training room, and I'll have more information as the day goes on.

(If Chillar can't go, will it be Hawk in the nickel and sub packages?)
A.J. will be part of the sub packages. We've been working that way. Also we have Bishop available.

(How confident are you Collins and Chillar will be ready on Sunday?)
I'm doubtful on Brandon for Sunday. I feel pretty good about Nick. But we're coming off a Monday night game, so we'll see how he is tomorrow.

(How did Neal get through today?)
Have not spoken to him. Really, a lot like last week, tomorrow will be the big question. He practiced last Thursday and then it was Friday morning he was unable to go. Tomorrow will be the most important part of Mike Neal's decision.

(So it wasn't that big a test for him yesterday?)
Are you talking about practice or rehab? He has no issues from a rehab standpoint. He is past that hurdle.

(How much help would he give the rotation up front?)
Mike was playing very well when he was part of the rotation. I thought his inside pass rush was improving weekly, and it would definitely be nice to have him part of the rotation, no question.

(With the numbers of guys who went full, will there be more normalcy to special teams this week?)
Well, we're going to have potentially some change again this week. That's part of special teams in our league, and just with our particular situation, we really haven't been healthy yet this year, just coming through training camp, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. So we'll probably have some change again this week, just based on the health and how we're rotating some of the players through.

(With Brad Jones going full a second day, is there any change to your mindset at that position between him and Frank?)
Not as (of) today. We'll watch the film and we'll have a staff meeting in the morning, a full staff meeting, and we'll go through the inactives and just make sure we're set for practice. Our biggest decisions from a personnel standpoint, how we feel we're going to play the game Sunday, is in our game management meeting, Friday 1 o'clock.

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