Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 10

(Did you see the effects of two days off, one way or the other?)

We're definitely healthy. We definitely benefited from the two days off. Just as far as the conversation with the medical staff and the double treatments yesterday. That's a positive. I don't care where you are in your training; when you come back to work after a day off there are some guys that feel real good and there are some guys that are still fighting through injuries. This particular practice was a challenge. Install eight and nine are always extraordinary in the sense of just a lot of moving parts, just a lot of situations. The last eight plays of the game, the third-down install that also went in today. We had the move-the-ball drill that was pretty taxing on those guys, and that's all part of the design of training camp and we're in the final stages of our installation. That's what you expect, but I like the way they fought through it. That was a tough practice.

(How is DeShawn Wynn doing?)

DeShawn Wynn has a bone bruise on his knee, and I would probably say he is day to day.

(He was having a good camp and now he is hurt again. Is it kind of the same old thing with him?)

Oh, I don't think so. This is a legitimate injury. I think we have grown out of that stage personally, in my opinion. I am a fan of DeShawn Wynn for a young man that started where he started. He cleared some obstacles, both in-season and offseason. He has really prepared himself for this opportunity. It's unfortunate that he had this knee (injury).

(Has Desmond Bishop impressed?)

Desmond Bishop has had an outstanding training camp. I think everybody recognizes the fact that he is an exceptional pressure player. He seems very comfortable in our scheme. I think he has improved the coverage part of it. For him playing in the old scheme probably helped him as far as the training he had in that particular area. Playing with vision for Desmond Bishop, he is a very instinctive football player. He has shown that in his time on special teams so far in his career, and he definitely will benefit from this scheme.

(What kind of camp has Chillar had?)

You could make an argument that Brandon Chillar is our most productive linebacker to this point in training camp. He seems very natural in the pressure packages, both base and sub. He's someone that can play a number of different positions and can give us flexibility in our coverage schemes. Another instinctive football player, has excellent range. We also expect him to be an impactful player on special teams, but Brandon is having an exceptional training camp.

(How much more comfortable are you with Flynn and Brohm this year, and is it clear cut right now who is No. 2 and who is No. 3?)

Matt, Brian it's clearly night and day from this year to last year, and I would say that's normal for a first-year quarterback going into his second season. They both have a complete understanding of what we're asking them to do, and that shows up with them able to see more things offensively and defensively. Their anticipation has increased as far as the speed they're playing the game now. I would definitely say Matt is ahead of Brian to this point just based on the productivity, but I think we have two very, very young improving quality quarterbacks, and I'm excited about their future.

(Has Barnett re-tested or will he do that this week?)

Nick did not re-test today, and as far as the actual day, we haven't made that decision.

(What have you seen from Kole Heckendorf?)

He's a good football player. He's a very good route-runner, has a good understanding of how to create separation. He's not the biggest young man and that's something he can improve on. But to come in and learn this offense and to compete with that receiver group, he's done a very good job. I've been very impressed with him in his opportunities, but he's still a very young player and he's still feeling his way. But you can see why he was a very productive player in college, particularly just his natural route-running ability. That has been impressive.

(What is the schedule with Clay Matthews and Jeremy Thompson?)

I would put them both in the category of day-to-day. It's just about how they respond to the treatment. Definitely Clay having another day off today should definitely help him.

{sportsad300}(How about Johnny Jolly?)

I'd say Johnny Jolly is close. He's getting close. His ankle is a significant injury, and we knew when it happened, just the way the injury looked on film and getting rolled up. He's definitely getting close.

(Do you expect Mason Crosby to be sharper at this point of camp?)

That's why we're in training camp. Mason, statistically he's made maybe not as many kicks as he has in the past. But I think his leg strength has improved. He's always kicked the ball with excellent lift, and I think there's some things mechanically with both snappers that we could probably be a little better. I think Matt is clearly improved from last year. Both those batteries, snap and kicker and holder, we just need to work.

(How is the fullback battle shaping up?)

We haven't played a game yet, so I'm not ready to claim any battles as far as who's winning and who's losing. Once again, we have one more day tomorrow, we'll have a review practice in the morning, our install No. 9 tomorrow night, with the emphasis on the Chicago Bears. So we'll hit that and then Wednesday we'll review everything we've put in, and then we'll move on to Cleveland. That's where we are in training camp.

(Are you any closer with B.J. Raji?)

Any closer? I don't know how far or how close we are. I know there's an urgency from our organization to get B.J. in here. I wish he was here. Once again, he's caught up in a business situation, but we're really looking forward to getting him in here and getting to work.

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