Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 13


(Will it be nice to go back to the Bay area?)

I had the opportunity to work there for a year, and I still have a lot of friends that work for the 49ers, so it will be good to see them. But it's the preseason and I'm sure they're looking at it just the way we are. It's an opportunity to compete against each other, and I'm looking forward to getting our team on a quick week and get after it with those guys.

(How about Rodgers? Is there more pressure on him going back home?)

I think Aaron is excited, just like most athletes are when they get to go home. They get to play in front of their family and fans. I know he's excited about playing this game.

(What's A.J. Hawk's status?)

A.J. Hawk has a chest injury. He will not be available this week.

(Did it happen in the game?)

Yeah, it happened in the game. It happened on the third-down play where he broke up the pass on the tight end, early in the game.

(When would you anticipate him coming back?)

That's all I've got right now.

(If this were the regular season, could he play this week?)

I don't know. I would say not.

(How about Ryan Grant?)

Ryan Grant may not make it. Still the hamstring. Still going through rehab.

(Desmond Bishop?)

Desmond Bishop will be close. He'll be close.

(Were they working out in pads?)

Yeah, part of the rehab.

(How's Ruvell Martin?)

Ruvell has a jaw contusion and a mild concussion, so he's going to be close.

(Does Wynn still have the concussion?)

Ankle. He had an ankle injury during the game.

(Is he playing this week?)

I don't think he's going to make it.

(What did you see from Sitton to keep him with the 1's?)

Sitton, I thought he did a lot of good things. He had some things he can learn from, particularly in the defensive movement part of the game. But I thought Josh, for being his first time out there, he's off to a good start.

(How's left guard shaping up?)

It's really, you've got five guys competing for three positions in there. We're going to try to keep Sitton at right guard, like to keep Allen at left guard, and the other three obviously have flexibility.

(Do you have a timeline to settle on your best five?)

I think the way they practice and the way they play the game really answers that question for you. Ideally, you'd like to have it yesterday, but that's not the case. So I think those questions will be answered based on how they play.

(Was Brett Swain injured in the game?)

Brett Swain, yes. Quad contusion.

(Guys getting upset at the end of practice there?)

I think it's part of the training camp atmosphere when you get in Week 3. It's unnecessary, but it happens.

(Why move Spitz at this point in camp? He's been pretty entrenched on the other side...)

I wouldn't say that. Jason has played all three positions since he's been here. He was our most consistent player last year. It's just really trying to find the right combination. It's competition. That's really all it is.

(Will we see Colledge back at guard at some point?)

He'll definitely have his opportunity to play in there. Definitely.

(How challenging is this schedule the way it's laid out, with just two practices before the next game?)

Number one, you can't control it, and at the expense of trying to run your team into the ground, this is just the way we've gone about it. To play on a Monday night then a Saturday to a Friday to a Thursday, you never get that seven-day run that you would prefer in training camp to stay on a 2-1-2 schedule or 2-2-1, whatever schedule you like. So we're just making the best of it, being smart. We're doing extended jog-throughs, extended walk-throughs in the gym, a little more classroom time than you probably would in training camp, and it really goes back to our schedule in the offseason program. We addressed it back in March, just that we needed to do more, and once we got in the OTAs and we had a complete understanding of our training camp schedule, we set targets to hit in the offseason program and we did achieve that.

(Are you still doing the corrections as much as you otherwise would?)

Absolutely. That's really the benefit of 2-1-2. Because you never have back-to-back practices. You never get a logjam of film. You're able to go back, watch the practice before, install for the next practice. Like today, we took the morning session, they had a lift this morning, and then we went back and corrected the Cincinnati film at lunch, went in and installed San Francisco, and then came out tonight and practiced. The teaching progression has continued for us through training camp even though we're playing games now.

{sportsad300}(Will it be the same QB rotation this week, Brian following Aaron and then Matt?)

Yes, it looks like we're heading that way into San Francisco.

(How would you assess the competition between Brian and Matt after you broke down the film?)

Just looking at their grades, they did a number of positive things in the game. They did not have winning performances is the way we look at it, and it's just a number of things we need to clean up. I've said it time and time again, them guys need to play. We knew this was going to take probably the full preseason to get those two guys ready, and we feel like we're on course to get that done.

(Does Flynn have a legit chance to win the No. 2 job?)

I think Matt's definitely closing the gap, there's no doubt about it. I think he's really been pushing Brian here probably about the last eight to 10 days. I think Matt is getting more comfortable. Brian was more comfortable quicker in the earlier part as far as the OTAs, understanding what we're doing. I think they're both good young prospects.

(Are you changing the progression of reps?)

As of right now, the ratio is still the same.

(Will there be a time Flynn gets equal reps with Brohm?)

As of right now, we're going to stay with the same rotation.

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