Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 18

(What's the injury with Scott Wells? Did it flare up again?)

Flared up. It's the same thing he had on the other side. Trunk injury. They did a bunch of tests today. We'll have all the results tomorrow.

(Did it flare up during the game?)


(Do you have an update on A.J. Hawk?)

He's week to week. Same thing, with the chest sprain. I don't think he'll make it this week.

(When do you want to get Grant out here doing the team stuff?)

All the guys that are out tested better today than they did last week, so that's a positive. But he's not ready to go to practice. Once he can complete the medical test, then I'll practice him. I was hopeful he could go this week, but he's not quite ready.

(Where's KGB at?)

He's in the same group.

(With Wells and Clifton out it kind of messes things up, but where are you with the guard rotation?)

Well, we're going look at a different rotation because obviously Chad, not being able to go today. Daryn, who was working both left tackle and left guard, Josh Sitton is still at the right guard, and Jason had to play center, so we're still going through that process.

(Do you still feel Spitz can play left guard?)

I'm not ready to make a decision. But Scott Wells, I don't know enough about his medical decision.

(Was Clifton just getting rest today?)

Clifton is just a little sore, but nothing major. I'm hopeful he'll go tomorrow.

(What did you think of the rookie quarterback play after Aaron?)

I thought it was, well, the offense as a whole wasn't very good. That's the first thing. We're getting the quarterback hit too much, whether it's the pass protection unit, or whether we're holding the ball. But like anything, there's positive things we can take out of the game. They are improving. We've got a lot of work to do, we've got another two weeks to get them some more game reps. I actually thought they practiced very well tonight. But it was not a very good performance at all by the offense.

(Is the competition close or is Brohm still ahead?)

I'd say Brian is still ahead of Matt at this point.

(How did Aaron react in the meeting room and out here today?)

I think he reacted like everybody else. There's a lot of negative things that were put on the screen, which probably makes you all feel good. Just kidding. But I thought they responded well as a football team and I thought he fell in line. His knee was a little sore, but he just wanted to get it loose, and I thought he had a good practice.

(How much time did you spend on the game?)

We took the whole morning, just the way we had it scheduled. They came in this morning, they lifted, 7 a.m., then we had a 10 o'clock team meeting, and then we spent two hours correcting the film. And we broke for lunch and came back at 1:15 as a team and started our Denver preparation, did that from 2 to 4, then we had dinner, then we came out here tonight.

(How would you assess Jarrett Bush's play?)

Jarrett Bush, actually, he did some really good things on special teams. The coverage things that I think everybody reacted to, he was actually playing to his leverage. The breakdown really in the two balls was the leverage that he was playing to was not in proper position, and the one we just felt was a good throw and catch in a competitive nature. So I thought Jarrett's performance was fine.

(What's wrong with Evan Moore?)

Evan Moore, knee. Bruised knee ligament. He's going to be a few weeks.

(How about Daniel Muir?)

Groin. Groin injury.

(Is Jordy Nelson going to step up and be the top kick returner, or is it too early?)

I think it's a little early to make that decision, but he definitely helped himself. I thought he showed a lot of athletic ability, the ability to break tackles, had the ball high and tight and did a really good job. He put us in excellent field position on both his returns. We didn't get any points out of it, but I thought he did an excellent job.

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