Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 2

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s Thursday press conference. Coach McCarthy addressed the media on Clarke Hinkle Field following Thursday morning’s practice. - More Ted Thompson Press Conference Transcript

(What do you think about the kicking competition?)

I think we've got two very good kickers. It's going to be good competition. We'll probably do some more tonight and turn up the heat on those guys. And also Saturday night so they can kick in front of a loud crowd. We're just trying to get as good a look as possible at both Dave (Rayner) and Mason (Crosby).

(Do you put more credence on kicks in the preseason as opposed to in practice?)

Clearly, you put more credence into the game situation. That will carry the most weight but practice is important. Everything is charted. Everything is looked at and analyzed on film. We'll look at it and make our decision.

(What would you like to see from your guys performing in front of a big crowd?)

There are a number of things that we're able to accomplish with the Family Night scrimmage. No. 1 is to play in that type of environment, especially for the younger players that haven't played in front of that type of crowd. The environment that the fans create is outstanding. It's probably better than some of the preseason-game environments that you're going to play leading up to the season. No. 2 we're looking to get as much information as we can from the scrimmage. Results are important. We're looking at all the different players in different personnel groups, on offense and defense, giving guys an opportunity, creating that competitive environment. More importantly the number of snaps we'll take in special teams. Special teams may make or break a player's chance of making our football team.

(What does the scrimmage mean to the team?)

I think it's awesome for what you can do for the community, for the kids. They get to see fireworks. It's special. I was here for Family Night in 1999 and I think there was 50, or 55 thousand. Just coming from here the Kansas City Chiefs, there's a Vikings-Chiefs scrimmage that draws eight to 10 thousand. You come here and it's 50. That shows the commitment of the fan base and the atmosphere that's created.

(Will Brett Favre practice in the evening session?)

Yes, he'll go tonight.

(Did he get back last night?)

Yes, he got back last night.

(Have you talked to him?)

I personally haven't talked to him. This is the text message era. I'm learning. I'm not very fast. Jeff (Blumb) has talked to him. Pepper (Burruss) has talked to him. He's back and up at the stadium right now.

(How do you determine which veterans don't practice?)

We have criteria that we created in spring with the rest and recovery idea. We took the number of years played, six years or more, number of games started and number of games played. That was the criteria. A few guys were disappointed that they weren't on the list. It's not based on their status on the football team. It's clearly based on how many years they played in. It's where their bodies are at in their career. That's what we based our decision on.

(Is this to keep them fresh?)

Football players have only so many hits in you to give or take. It's just along the thought process of taking care of their bodies. That was the criteria that we set. It was interesting the way it sorted out because I thought it was pretty accurate in affecting those that needed the day off.

(Will this be a weekly thing?)

Actually I'm only going to do it one time. I did it twice last year. This is the only time I'll do it this year. We'll use next Thursday's practice as an opportunity to start planning for Pittsburgh.

{sportsad300}(Can you discuss Joe Werner?)

Joe has an excellent opportunity. He needs to play to his strengths. He's shown an ability to stretch the field vertically and be a big target in the passing. He needs to work on the things he's not accustomed to, such as in-line blocking on the line of scrimmage. It's a great opportunity for him and we look forward to working with him.

(What do you see in Desmond Bishop?)

The one thing we liked about Desmond coming out of Cal is that he is an instinctive player and he has shown that in his practice time. I thought he really showed up in his first night practice. He's done a good job. That second line of linebackers, we need to get as much information, and you're trying to create different scenarios and situations, whether it is sub-defense or special teams to make a proper decision.

(Is it harder or easier to sprinkle the backups in with the regular starting three?)

It's part of your planning. That's why you sit down in the spring. We actually do the scripts for training camp in June. Then you go back through them again in July and as you go through training camp. It's important to discuss your depth chart on a daily basis and make sure that you create opportunities for your players to show what they can do. It's a mix-and-match. You want to get the first group ready but it's not an 11-man game anymore, especially with all the situations that come up in the game of football.

(Can you asses where Abdul Hodge is?)

I think Abdul has done a good job. He's had a medical situation with his knees. He's off to a good start. I thought he did a real nice job in some of the run-throughs in the running game at City Stadium the other night. He's definitely progressing.

(Has the team traveled across the bridge in Minnesota that collapsed?)


(Is Vernand Morency still looking at two weeks?)

They're saying a couple weeks, two to three weeks. I talked to Mo this morning. The soreness is in his patella tendon. It's a knee strain is what it's classified as. It's a couple weeks. It could be two. It could be four.

(Are you hoping to get him on the field during the preseason?)

Absolutely. Injuries are a part of our game. I'm not sitting here waiting for him. I don't mean that disrespectfully to him. They happen. We have to move on as a football team. I hope he gets back. I look at him and Tory Humphrey, you could say that they were two of the hardest working guys in the offseason program. For them to get hurt in the first days is unfortunate.

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