Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 20

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(Where were Underwood and KGB?)

Marviel I spoke to before practice. We intend to release him tomorrow. Why we did it was because of the competition at the safety position. (He's) a great individual. I can't say enough positive things about him and it gives him an opportunity to hook on with somebody else. We will make that move tomorrow.

(And Kabeer?)

Kabeer has a family situation that he's attending to in Milwaukee. He'll be back tomorrow. He does have a bruised knee so he's day-to-day. I'll see him tomorrow. He'll be day-to-day this week.

(Was Underwood just a different player since his injury?)

I thought he did a really good job rehabbing it. I don't think he's back to where he was last year. I thought last year he was having a very good camp. The other part of it is the competition at that position has heated up. We felt it was in everybody's best interest to make that move.

(What did you think of the finish of practice?)

I thought the practice as a whole, the energy was excellent. The tempo was good; we finished nine minutes early. That's a positive. It was our first day of preparation. We had a couple of plays we had to do over again and do over again. That's normal. I thought it was a solid practice.

(Will Bigby and Bush be getting larger roles?)

We're going to roll (Bigby) and Marquand (Manual) like we did in this past game. Atari will start this time. He'll run out for the first snap. It's a very good competition, same with the corners as far as Blackmon, Dendy, Bush, that whole crew. We're trying to get as many combinations as possible to make the right decision.

(Bush will be the first choice at nickel?)

He'll probably run out of the tunnel with the first group at nickel.

(What did you see from Bigby to move him up?)

He's an outstanding young player. We all agree with that. He's really improved during the course of his time here. His impact-play ability, which he showed against Seattle, it is something that you're excited about. We want to see if he can do it from the beginning of the football game. It's a little different running out there against the No. 2s than the No. 1s. We just want to give him the opportunity.

(Is it a case of being sold on his physical skills and you want to see if he has the intangibles?)

He clearly has the physical skills. I've never questioned that. He's done a very good job with his body since he's been here. He shows that with his big-play ability. He's probably had two snaps in regular season games. That's what you don't know about a number of the younger guys. That's why we're creating opportunities for him.

(So it's still up for grabs who gets the starting nod?)


(What did Bush show on Saturday to push him up?)

It's really all his work. For as good as he played on defense, I thought he played even better on special teams. He's a very physical football player, a tough kid that's only going to get better. He deserves an opportunity to run out with the first group. Let's see what he can do.

(Is it nice to have Miree back?)

The fullback position is very important. Brandon is the most experienced player at that position. His reads are in conjunction with the halfbacks. We've committed to the zone scheme, it's our primary concept. It's important to have him back.

(Do you have updates on the guys who were hurt in the game, like Montgomery?)

Mike is the worst of the four. Like I stated after the game, we will scope him in the next couple days. Orrin Thompson is the continuation of a previous injury. He's day-to-day. Ryan Powdrell and Bodiford are similar. We're looking at three to five weeks with those two guys.

(So does a scope mean four weeks or more?)

We'll know more once we have the scope.

(Do you suspect it's more than an MCL with Montgomery?)

That's what Pat has told me in the brief time I talked to him and Pepper. It is an MCL. That's why he wants to scope it. It's the same knee he injured in high school. When you have a situation like that there is more that you want to see.

(Whom does that injury create opportunities for?)

Jason Hunter, Corey Williams playing in. I think he played six snaps this week. I thought he did a nice job. He gives us some flexibility there. It definitely creates more opportunities for that group.

(Will you sit down with Ted on Friday to talk cutdown?)

We'll sit down Thursday and do a preliminary list and watch the game Friday. We'll make our final decisions then.

(So you won't wait until next week Monday or Tuesday?)

It depends on what happens Thursday night. That factors in it. I think the earlier the better. It's good for the player and for the organization.

{sportsad300}(Have you made a decision on the third quarterback for Thursday's game?)

Ingle will be the third quarterback. As far as our approach for the game against Jacksonville, I'm leaning against the traditional "play your starters three quarters" because we have other issues that need to be addressed. No. 1 the health of our football team. No. 2 we still have a lot of jobs up in the air. We'll probably play a bunch of different combinations on special teams and on offense and defense throughout the second and third quarter. I want to see those guys go against the (opponents') 1s. Our approach is going to be a lot different than it traditionally is in the third game.

(Is that a decision you made coming into the preseason?)

In light of everything. My plan originally was to play the starters three quarters. We have a lot of jobs available and the health of our football team is a concern.

(Will you play the starters three quarters at Tennessee?)

I won't do it at all if I don't at Jacksonville.

(What was your assessment of Brett's incompletions to start the game?)

I thought the one to Donald was a little behind on the throw. The one to James, James took too long to come out of the break. Those are the only two that stick out in my mind.

(In a full-game situation, would he have figured out the defense?)

When you play offense, with your mindset, the defense isn't a factor. When your timing and rhythm is in tune they can't stop you. I think that's what happened there. I thought Donald ran a very good route. We call it an in-route, an 18-yard in. The ball was a little behind him. James, it was a third-and-9 situation. He ran a 15-yard route in a situational offense. Those are the types of things that you can't get enough reps on.

(How much will you play the starters on Thursday?)

I don't have an answer for you. That is my thought process today. I am leaning against playing those guys three quarters because of the health of the football team and there's a lot of jobs up in the air.

(Is Miree cleared for pads and contact?)

He is under the "aware" category. I will be aware tomorrow to see if he's ready to go. He's "aware" so I'll be watching him.

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