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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 25

(What is Desmond Bishop's injury?)

Desmond has a bruised toe, so he was limited today in practice.

(Day to day?)

He was limited today, so we'll see how he feels tomorrow.

(Is there anything that changes with practice when you switch from outside to inside?)

No, it really doesn't change anything for us. The footwear for the players stays the same. That's the beauty of the surface on Nitschke and Hinkle and Lambeau Field. We were able to make the change seamless. It was a very high-tempo practice. We actually finished today 14 minutes early ahead of schedule. I'll have to look at the quality of work on film, because there were some spots on offense that didn't look like they went very well. But I thought the overall tempo and the mechanics of practice were pretty good.

(Is Ruvell likely to be the holder with Matt injured?)

We'll see. We'll see where Matt's at. He's the third holder obviously with Durant Brooks and Matt having injuries. We're getting him ready.

(If he doesn't throw by tomorrow, do you see him getting any reps Friday night?)

That's probably safe. We plan on him dressing and we're taking him. Just going off the feedback from Matt and Dr. McKenzie. I wouldn't be surprised if he's close tomorrow, but obviously if he doesn't go, Ruvell would be the holder.

(Do you have in mind specific numbers on positions you want to keep or does it still have to play out?)

It's all going to be played out. The third preseason game is important for a lot of people. There's still some projection at some positions, and it's a process that you need to go through. I know everybody wants to pick the team after the second preseason game, but that's not really practical. There are special teams concerns and how players fit and what you're trying to get done both offensively and defensively. That's why we play all the games.

(Are you impressed with Aaron Rodgers' maturity thru the offseason and this camp?)

Yeah, Aaron is having a great camp. He is a hell of a quarterback, number one. You can just see the way he plays day in and day out. But yes, I definitely think he has matured and I think we can quit talking about it. I think he is a mature man now. Let's make it official.

(How do you feel about the quality of the opponent this week?)

They are an excellent opponent, no question about it. Just watching them on film in their preseason games, having the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl speaks for itself. They are the NFC champion. This is a great opportunity to play this football team and to play them on their home turf. This will be a big test for us. We have questions we're still trying to work through and making sure we have our personnel groups ready to go as we move into the regular season, but this is a big opportunity for us.

(How long before you see Jeremy Thompson get back to where he was a couple of weeks ago?)

Jeremy is projected to have a full week of practice and play in the game. He'll also have some opportunities both on special teams and defense. His performance will tell where he is. We don't have just 11 starters on defense. We did not build the packages with that in mind. There is always room for playmakers and Jeremy had a great spring. If he can get healthy and get back to where he was at the beginning of camp, he'll definitely be a contributor.

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