Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 25

(With all of the shifting on the offensive line, are you concerned the chemistry isn't where it should be?)

Our whole preparation on the offensive line was to make sure we have flexibility. Injuries are part of the game, you can't control it, so with our training, we were preparing for injuries during the season, and we're in that mindset right now. I'm not concerned about it. That's why we've trained them as many different ways as we possibly can. The injury situation is upon us, and we'll fight through. The positive thing about it is we're prepared for it.

(For that final running back spot, how much does special teams play into that?)

Special teams are very important. Everybody on our football team understands that. We're a type of football team that doesn't go out and just sign special teams players, situation specific. We sign good football players, both offense and defense, that also play special teams. It's important for all of our positions, because it's one thing to make the 53, but more importantly you want to be on the 45. Special teams is the determining factor when it comes down to going from 53 to 45 week in and week out. I've said it three times and I'll say it again. I can't emphasize how important special teams is.

(How would you assess the running back depth compared to this time last year?)

This time last year we had a lot of injuries, so that's the positive thing is they're all healthy. I think a number of them have played as well as I've ever seen them. I think Noah Herron is having an excellent camp. Vernand Morency. Brandon Jackson continues to improve, and Lumpkin has done a lot of nice things. It's a really good group top to bottom, and it's good to have Ryan Grant back out there.

(What kind of camp has Lumpkin had? Has he surprised you?)

I think Lumpkin has had a steady climb. I just go from the first day with pads and how he did in the blitz drills and things like that. Then the Family Night scrimmage, he had some opportunities, he did some good things, but then didn't take advantage of some opportunities he had. And just week in and week out, he continued to improve. So I've been very impressed with what he's been able to do so far.

(How does he fit into that last running back spot, or is that still to be determined?)

A lot of positions are still to be determined this week. That's why we're practicing, that's why we're going to play the game.

(Have the injuries made any position more unsettled this late than you anticipated?)

The disappointing position has really been all spring has been the defensive line. It's a group that has been such a steady group for us over the years and we really haven't been healthy since the end of the season. Once again, it's part of the game. I concern myself with injuries more on a personal note than how it affects our team because you have to deal with it, and that's what we're prepared to do. I wouldn't say the injuries are affecting the way we are moving forward, but it is a part of our camp right now that is very unfortunate, especially with the type of camp we've had from scheduling and doing less practice days because of our schedule. I'm just disappointed we've got so many guys hurt.

{sportsad300}(With Wynn, was health the biggest factor in his release?)

DeShawn Wynn did a lot of good things, and we tell them all the time, the whole football team, availability and accountability. When you are not available, obviously you don't get to take advantage of your opportunities and that was part of DeShawn's case. The other part of it is the guys around him took advantage of those opportunities. He's a talented young man, he's got a bright future, but he needs to get healthy. Some people, like I talked to DeShawn this morning about that, some players kind of go through a patch where they have a couple of injuries. I think he's just kind of going through that patch right now in his career because he did a tremendous job in the weight room and the offseason program. He was one of the top guys as far as Rock Gullickson's standpoint of what was done this offseason. He's got a lot of football in front of him.

(What do you tell Flynn and Brohm after a practice like today? Were they a little less sharp than you'd like to see?)

The quarterback position, having two rookie quarterbacks, I hate to sound like a broken record here, but it's a process. It takes time. You talk to anybody that has ever played the position; I am not disappointed at all with the path and the progress that these two young players have made. It takes time, so if it's not up to somebody else's standards, I can't control that. I am very happy with what I see. They'll continue to get better, and that's the most important thing. They need reps, they need to play in games, and that's why we'll try to get them as many opportunities as we possibly can this Thursday against Tennessee.

(With Tennessee likely playing their 1's longer in this last game, is that a good or bad thing for Brohm and Flynn?)

Can't control it, don't concern myself with it. We have a plan in training camp. It doesn't balance up to their plan. We're going to play a football game. I look at it as a very positive opportunity for our younger players to play against a damn good football team. The offense can play against a very good defense. They have got a new offensive coordinator that is real similar to the style of offense we played last week. It's a great opportunity for our young guys, and really, preseason to me is about finding out as much information as you possibly can, not only about your team but about the individuals. This will give us a great look at a lot of guys that are fighting for jobs.

(With the starters not playing much Thursday, have they started working at all on Minnesota?)

No, we're working on Tennessee. This has been our focus. The starters might not play much, but we haven't done any work on Minnesota. We've had a time in training camp where we had a chance to work on those guys, offseason studies and so forth. With us having a long week, I am very confident that our team will have plenty of time to get ready for the Vikings.

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