Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 27

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(What's the update on Brandon Jackson?)

Brandon Jackson had a mild concussion. We're going through the proper procedure for that injury. He's day-to-day.

(Your thoughts on Wynn and the run game in general?)

DeShawn Wynn has had two good practices. I thought he did a nice job yesterday after reviewing the film. Just seeing him today, I thought he had a good day. He'll have a big opportunity come Thursday night. He'll get a lot of carries in the game. It's a big day for him.

(Is there a chance Jackson will play Thursday?)

He's questionable.

(Is that a tough decision, considering his youth?)

It's his first concussion. It's something that we're being cautious with. We'll see how he's doing later today and in the morning.

(Does Wynn take over if Jackson can't go?)

Wynn will get more opportunities. Noah will start and we'll go from there.

(Are you going to be able to look at Corey White at fullback this week?)

Good question, we'll see how the game goes. The flow of the game will dictate that. I'd like to get Corey some snaps at fullback. If Brandon doesn't go then Corey will play halfback.

(Is Donald Lee hurting?)

He got banged in the game. I didn't get anything on the medical report so maybe his knee is bothering him.

(What's the status on Kabeer?)

Same, he's day-to-day. We're being cautious with his knee. We have a number of guys that are out that we're being cautious with as we move through this week. That's why I went to shells today from pads because our numbers were so low.

(How has the offensive line executed cut blocks in the games so far?)

We could do a better job of it. We haven't really gone into a bunch of the outside lead zone. We've done some inside lead zone. We do some things where you're not going to cut. Jacksonville for example, they went backdoor on us and line stunted us. A lot is made of the cut blocking. You watch the individual drills everyday. It's a big part of what we do technique wise. Hopefully we'll have more opportunities to do it in the future.

(Bjork is in a white shirt. How did that come about?)

It's a numbers thing. He's never played tight end before. He caught the ball well and has done a nice job.

(How do you feel about the tight end position?)

Our numbers are low. They are what they are. They haven't changed since Day 1. Donald and Bubba have had very good camps. Zac started out slow with his injuries. He's really picked it up here the last 10 days. Clark is a young, improving player. That's where we are.

(Will Franks play this week?)

Yeah, I anticipate him playing.

(Are you concerned about Hodge and the tendonitis in his knees?)

It's unfortunate because everybody was excited about him with the way he played in preseason last year. It's an ongoing injury. It's something that we'll look further into.

(How much has he put himself in a hole?)

It's a medical issue. It doesn't help his individual situation. The upcoming cuts are going to be very difficult because we have a number of medical issues to factor into our 53.

(Is it a situation where he could spend a year on IR and get rid of it with rehab?)

That's one of the options. He's going to have a second opinion in the next couple days. That is an option.

(Will Bishop's play influence the decision there?)

I'm happy for what Bishop's done this past week. He's made a move with special teams and at the linebacker position. Abdul Hodge is an individual situation. He's got to get healthy. We have to do what we can to get him happy. Bishop's situation and Hodge's situation are two separate issues.

(What are the main areas you want to see improvement in the final preseason game? The running game?)

I'm not as concerned about the running game as you are. You want to win the game but this is a big game for us evaluation wise. To my understanding, Jeff Fisher's plan through preseason is different from ours. That doesn't factor. We need to play a bunch of different combinations of guys because we have to get our 53 set. I'm looking to play those different combinations and to see certain people in different defensive situations and special teams. This is a big evaluation game in my view point.

(You're going to mix things up in the secondary, but will the starters remain the same?)

We will start the game that way. Some starters may play one series, some may play three series. It's really by position. Offense and defense will be different.

(Does Frank Walker have to show you something in this final game?)

Frank's done very well, particularly in the games. This is a big game for Frank and all those DBs. We have a log jam there. We have some good young players. Frank has done a nice job of making the transition to what we do on defense. It is definitely a big game for Frank.

(How many spots are still open on the 53-man roster?)

I'm not going to get into specifics as far as numbers but there is a lot of opportunity in the Tennessee game.

(Is it possible you'd face a third down in the red zone and you'd just run the ball to give your kickers more game-situation kicks?)

I did it in the last game on that third down. I may consider doing it in this game. I did do it in the last game.

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