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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 30

(Did you make any roster moves today?)

We'll make official roster announcements tomorrow. Ted will do that tomorrow.

(How is Greg Jennings doing?)

He's feeling better. I had a chance to visit with Greg during practice. We'll probably limit him this week and he will not go Thursday night at Tennessee. I think he'll be fine for Chicago.

(Is Matt Flynn getting closer?)

I think so. He'll have a chance to play this week.

(Does your heart race a little when you see Jennings go down like that?)

It's scary anytime you have one of your players laying out there, no doubt, especially Greg is a special player. I kind of knew right away what the situation was, just from the communication from the field. He tested out OK on the sideline so I wasn't as concerned about it.

(Did the first half from Friday look as good on film?)

I would say so. There is a lot of positive things on the film watching the first half. Offensively, I thought the offensive line did an excellent job at the point of attack. I thought we controlled the line of scrimmage in both the run and the pass. I thought the quarterback was very sharp, particularly on the deep balls. He made some good throws and we converted the key plays. We had the penalty on the 1st-and-20 on the first drive and we were able to come back off of that, and then he had the big scramble too to put us down there in scoring position. Very pleased with the offense and the defense keeps taking the ball away. We are plus-10 turnover ratio in the preseason and that speaks volumes about where we are as a football team because when you are taking care of the football and you are taking it away, good things are going to happen for you. I also thought the special teams played well. I thought our coverage teams played particularly well with the coverage inside the 20. I was very, very pleased with the first half.

(Has Pat Lee been cleared to do more this week?)

We're hopeful. We're going to take the week's work and hopefully he can play against Tennessee. That's what we're hoping.

(How about Blackmon and Jackson?)

They are both a little further behind. Blackmon's quad contusion is (more) serious than we initially thought, so he's questionable to doubtful I would say for this week against Tennessee. Then Brandon's ankle sprain looks like it is more significant than we initially thought.

(Have you ever been with a team where the starters played this well in the preseason?)

This is the best that we have played in the preseason; I think that's obvious and I told them that today in the team meeting. But it's like anything; we're not interested in being preseason champions. We're getting ready to play for the regular season. We're entering into the fourth quarter of the preseason with this Tennessee week. We've just got to keep fighting to improve. We have set a standard of play, a lot of positive things that we can build on, but there is still things we need to work on. Our mental errors are still too high as a football team. I thought the pre-snap penalties the last two weeks have been very good. We're just going to stay after the key things and make sure we carry this over to the regular season.

(Will all of the healthy guys play on Thursday?)

Yes. Well, starters? We may have some coach's decisions like I have done in the past. We'll look at Al and Charles Woodson and obviously Greg Jennings is not going to play. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Tomorrow's practice is our heavy lifting day, so we'll have that conversation after tomorrow's practice.

(Is Clay Matthews on track to play?)

Yes, I anticipate Clay to definitely play. Him and Nick Barnett, I anticipate that both will play this week.

(Has Jeremy Kapinos won the punting job?)

Kapinos has the ball. It's his responsibility to keep it. He's battled through this competition. I thought he kicked well in the game. I think he has some things we can continue to improve on with him, because he is a young kicker. He is a strong kicker, excuse me, punter. I like his disposition, the way he goes about his business. And he has the ball right now. I have no interest in going through what we went through last year. We'll learn from that experience, and I think it's a great opportunity that he's handled very well so far.

(What is wrong with the screen game in the preseason?)

The screen game? I'm not sure what you're asking me. Are you saying it's not any good? ... It depends on how you're looking at it. Sometimes you run screens just by themselves. Sometimes you run them in combinations with other things that are going on. I'm fine with our screen game. We have a screen and deceptive period every day out here. I think we have the ability as we go into the regular season. I really don't have a concern with it.

(Brooks, Sulak, and Harris were not out there. Where were they?)

They were excused from today's practice.

(So is Flynn good to go?)

I'm not sure yet. I was just asked before. I think he has a chance to maybe play.

{sportsad300}(Any concern that the kicking game hasn't been as consistent with Flynn not holding?)

I'll say this. I made an error. Matt Flynn should have been up holding in that game. I thought Ruvell Martin, that was his first opportunity in live action, and he got the bulk of the work, but the operation wasn't what it needed to be. Mason Crosby is kicking the ball as well as I've ever seen him in his career here. I think he has a top-notch leg the way he's driving the football on kickoffs, and the timing, and to take that timing away from him in that game was my responsibility. I should have had Matt Flynn holding in that football game, and that's where we're at. We're going to make sure Matt and Mason spend the extra time, all the time needed, as we move forward.

(Did you think maybe it was too much of a risk to have Flynn hold?)

If I had to do it all over again, I would have had him hold.

(What did you see on film in the second half?)

The second half, really, it was a tale of two halves. Offensively we didn't play with a very good pace. We had the first two series where we were three-and-out. The second third down, the pass protection, we had two major breakdowns where we had three guys free on a seven-man protection. That's not the way that's supposed to look. But I thought their third series, they went out there, and I thought Brian did a very good job. We ran the ball, mixed it with the pass. I thought the third series for the offense in the fourth quarter was productive. Defensively, we were short some numbers. They played a lot of four wide receivers against us. We did not have a dime unit ready, just based on our numbers there, so we were a little short-handed, and we gave up too many big plays. The big plays was really the thing that got us in the second half defensively. We'll have a chance to clean it up and our young guys will play a lot this week.

(How did B.J. Raji play?)

I was glad to see him get that many reps. He had 40 reps in the game. We didn't anticipate playing him that much. But I thought he started a little slow, and I thought he got better as the game went on. He needs to play. He's getting all the work that he needs and what he missed. He's a talented young man, but he's still raw. He has some rust we need to knock off the edges.

(Will Montgomery be able to play?)

The doctors feel he's going to be able and we won't have to club him for the game. I anticipate him to play, and he won't have the club for his hand.

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