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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 4

(What's the difference with DeShawn Wynn this season compared to the previous two seasons?)

I think DeShawn is just growing up as a football player. He's accustomed to what he's asked to do. He's done a great job in the offseason program. He's a very powerful man in the weight room, and I think you're seeing the gains from that. Very comfortable in our scheme, very instinctive. He had the play in practice No. 3 where he pulls the reverse down and makes the long run, so he's a very instinctive football player. He's a tough guy to bring down. He has an excellent center of gravity, playing with leverage and so forth. I think he's had a heck of a camp.

(What are Jackson's and Underwood's injuries?)

Brandon Jackson has a bruised shoulder, and Underwood had back spasms.


He returned. He jammed his back.

(The shorter practice this morning, was that by design or were you forced to?)

Can't go two hours, two-and-a-half hours every day. We'll have a long practice tonight, but this was by design. It was our first shell practice of the training camp.

(What did you think of the move-the-ball period?)

There are a number of things you look for the first time you do move-the-ball. I thought the substitution, the play entry and those types of things were very good, both offense and defense. I thought the defense was very sharp in both sides, both periods. I thought the offense did well in protection, was pretty clean. I thought that we were holding the ball a little bit too much. I'll have to see the film to determine exactly what that was all about. But I thought it was a good start, mixing all the different down-and-distances, hitting the red zone, third down and so forth. I was pleased with the work. I thought it was pretty sharp.

(How does the Wednesday schedule go for the players? Do you still do lifting?)

We will do the lifting and then we'll take time to review Tuesday night's practice. Then we'll have a review meeting to clean up everything that's in to that point. And then we'll have a guest speaker.

(Daryn Colledge thought he'd be back this morning. Are you anticipating having him back tonight or will you still hold off?)

I have known Daryn's history. I thought he maybe had a chance to go this morning, but we'll see how he responded to the work in the a.m. because it takes a lot to hold him out of practice. We'll see how he responds to the treatment.

(Did the guys bounce back well after a tough practice yesterday?)

I thought today's practice was exactly what you need at this point. It was an opportunity to go back and review the first four installations that are in at this point. That is the design of the practice. We had a 60-minute jog-through. The offense and defense both finished four, four and half minutes early, so that tells you about the focus. That talks about the sharpness, and that's what you are trying to get done. I thought the two periods moving the ball were sharp. I thought we hit the target with this morning's practice. Tonight we'll line it up and we'll go get it again like we have in the first four practices. So far it's been a good day.

(How has Atari Bigby looked these first few days?)

Physically he looks comfortable. He is moving like you remember Atari moving before. I think that is nice to see, especially coming off of the surgery that he had. But he just needs to play. He needs the reps and the checks and just being out there. But so far physically he looks really good.

(Mentally how far behind is he from not doing the reps in the spring?)

He is on top of his work, but once again there is no replacement for the actual live reps. That is the work he needs.

(Is Raji any closer to getting into camp?)

I haven't really heard anything today, last night pretty much in the same spot. Hopefully we can resolve the business situation that B.J. is going through and get him here into camp.

(How much does it hurt him to miss this many practices?)

Well, it doesn't help him. I think that is obvious. It would be nice to get him in here. He's missing quality work.

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