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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 7

(Any word on Tory Humphrey?)

I was told the operation went fine. Pat (McKenzie) feels that he'll heal just fine.

(Have you made a decision on him yet?)

No, we haven't made a decision on Tory Humphrey. That would be a personnel decision. He'll definitely be back at some point during the season.

(Where was Jimmy Robinson today?)

Actually Jimmy Robinson and Al Harris attended the funeral of Jim Johnson in Philadelphia.

(Do you know which of the injured guys you are holding out tomorrow night?)

That's something we'll do tomorrow at 8. Tonight's treatments will determine a lot of those decisions, but it was good to get a couple of guys back today. Really after Pepper does the medical report tonight, we'll meet as a staff tomorrow at 8:00.

(What is the prognosis on Pat Lee?)

Day by day. It's a lower back injury, so it's something we need to watch.

(How about Clay Matthews and Jeremy Thompson?)

Clay Matthews probably could have went today. We held him just because it was a re-occurring injury. Jeremy Thompson I think will have a good chance of going Saturday night.

(You have done a lot of work in pads this camp. Did you feel like this team needed that?)

It's training camp. Padded work is important. You're able to get your offense, defense and special teams schematically in during the offseason. We've had some different schedules here in the past, but this is a necessity. If anything we have gone with longer practices, but we've always tried to push the envelope with as much padded work as possible this time of year.

(So you didn't feel like the team lost its edge physically last year?)

We were 6-10. We've really moved on from that. We've learned the lessons that we feel that we need to apply to our football team this year. I feel we are a physical team. I feel we are a more mature team. We are definitely a stronger team. I have always felt we were a well-conditioned football team. We'll play more strength in the trenches this year; I definitely anticipate that. I think that has been evident just in the way we have practiced and the performance of the big men up front. That's how I view that.

(Were you happy with the tempo today?)

Yeah, the tempo was very good. There is not a practice that I felt we did not gain a lot. We have had our share of mistakes and our share of mental errors, but those are things you can really learn from. The offense really challenges the defense schematically with the multiple personnel formations, and it's definitely the same way on the other side of the ball. We are seeing every blitz known to man and it's just great training for our guys.

(What does Mike Trgovac bring to this staff?)

Mike Trgovac is an excellent football coach. I had the opportunity to be with Mike as an assistant coach here in 1999. His resume speaks for itself, his work in Carolina. We're very fortunate to have him part of our staff, especially as a defensive line coach. He's someone I hold in high regard both personally and professionally. I love his enthusiasm, I love his toughness. Youngstown, Ohio, Michigan Wolverine, all this stuff. He brings it to the table everyday. I'm glad he's a Packer.

(How much has B.J. Raji missed?)

B.J. Raji is a young player that's involved in a business situation. As far as percentages and how much he's missed, it's truly to his benefit to get in camp. But he's involved in a business situation, that's really how I view it. I don't want to spend a whole lot of time talking about it. I get the updates every day. I wish he was here. I'm sure he wishes he was here too.

(How frustrated are you with what has gone on with all of the draft picks around him?)

Haven't watched it today. I'm sure I'll be updated tonight. It's part of the business. Something I have no control.

(Is Justin Harrell hurt and will he go tomorrow?)

I thought Justin got through today's practice OK. Based on his post-practice treatments, I anticipate he'll go tomorrow.

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