Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 7

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s Tuesday press conference. Coach McCarthy addressed the media on Hinkle Field following Tuesday’s morning practice. - More Ted Thompson Press Conference Transcript Training Camp Photos | Audio | Video www.PackersTrainingCamp.com

(What do you think of the quality and depth of your defensive line?)

It really started last year. I thought that group was the most consistent on the football team and had the most depth. Adding Justin (Harrell) and some other young guys just adds to that depth. It's a very, very competitive position.

(How important is that to building a team?)

When we talk about the blue print of the Green Bay Packers we talk about the offensive and defensive line. That's where we put our emphasis. The transactions we've made for our football team reflect that. It all starts up front. Offensive and defensive line is a priority for us. I'm very happy with the depth at the defensive line.

(How good is that to see it come to fruition so quickly?)

Absolutely, we'll continue to build that group through the draft. You can never have enough good offensive and defensive linemen.

(Do you see the offensive line coming together well?)

The first group has been very cohesive. I like the way they're playing. They have a great understanding of the scheme. I thought they practiced consistent throughout camp. I thought the second group kind of lagged there in the fifth and sixth practice but since then they've turned it on soon. I'm very happy with the progress that we're making. We've had a couple of guys nicked today so a lot of guys are getting work. I'm very happy with that group. They're a young group but they're progressing nicely.

(How valuable is a guy like Tony Moll with his versatility?)

In any business the more you can do, the more valuable you are. Tony, being a young player and playing two positions last year, is very beneficial to him. Ideally you'd like to keep all of your young linemen at one position and let them learn instead of moving them around. We've had a number of young guys that have been able to do that for us.

(How do you see the progress of Zac Alcorn?)

Anytime you have an opportunity to rep with the first team it will help you because you're in with the top unit. It also reflects the progress that he's making. Donald Lee has had an excellent training camp. Zac has been battling some physical issues and he's overcoming that. I thought he had a good day today.

(Receivers and defensive guys have the wristbands and such for the no-huddle. How did you develop that system?)

There's different ways of doing no-huddle. I think you need to be aware on the road with the crowd noise. Everyone always talks about communication. Communication is always the breakdown. Personally I've always done it that way as a coordinator. I thought it was the cleanest way. You're in a hurry-up offense. It's not a two-minute offense but you're picking up the pace. You try to control the defensive looks that you're going to see, and it keeps everybody on the same page.

(How was the no-huddle execution at the end of practice?)

I thought it was very good. It went a little longer than we had anticipated. The work was very good for both sides. Just to see the communication on the defensive side, getting lined up to different formations and adjustments, getting the play entry in. I thought Aaron (Rodgers) was excellent as a whole. I thought he ran that play very well.

(How is Corey Williams looking?)

I think Corey Williams is having a very good camp. He's bumped and bruised as most guys are now. He's been outstanding. I'm very happy with the way Corey's been playing.

(You have one more installation tonight and then that's it before Pittsburgh?)

We'll put the install in this afternoon at the meetings and practice it tonight.

(From here will you expand on those installations or just review them?)

We'll move from our ninth installation tonight to game planning tomorrow. In our meetings tomorrow we'll move on to Pittsburgh.

{sportsad300}(What have you seen from Tony Palmer at center?)

I think he's doing a nice job. He's a very powerful player on the first level. The thing he needs to work on and get used to, because schematically he hasn't done it before, is the second level blocking. I think he's done a very nice job at guard on the first level. He's doing a good job with the calls. He had a couple rough shotguns but I'm pleased with Tony Palmer.

(When did you develop that as a plan for him?)

He actually played center last year at the end of the year for the scout team, doing opponent work. He's been doing that a lot with us. He missed a lot of time in the offseason but that's something that we started last year.

(Brett has said he needs a lot of snaps in the preseason games. Does he need a lot of reps with the younger guys?)

It's a concern. We've talked about it but you have to be smart too. I'm not interested in exposing Brett Favre. You have to find a common ground. There are some new faces that he needs to work with but I need to get Aaron Rodgers as much work as possible. And we have two young quarterbacks that will be battling it out too. Ingle (Martin) and Paul (Thompson) have made progress. We have a pretty good battle for the No. 3 spot.

(How's the battle going between Crosby and Rayner?)

It's going good. We're probably wearing them out a little bit, kicking them too much. We want to make sure we give them both a chance to win the job. They're both talented. They're both strong legged. I'm glad they're both here.

(Do you like what you've seen from Crosby as a rookie coming up?)

I think Mason is very mature. I like his approach, the way he goes about his business. He's a football kid. He's played defensive back and you can see it in his personality with the way he goes about his business. Dave did a real nice job for us last year. He was very good on the kickoffs, strong legged. That's something that we want to maintain. I'm very happy that they're both here.

(How important are these preseason games for the kickers?)

The preseason game will be the deciding factor. Our job, as an offense, is to give them a lot of opportunities to get a lot of kicks. We'll weigh in the preseason the most.

(What will it be like going back to your hometown as coach of the Green Bay Packers?)

The biggest distraction is all the media requests of all my friends. It's been great. A lot of my friends have already got tickets so I appreciate that. I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure it's something that I'll always remember.

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