Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 9

(What is your comfort level with the team going into the first game?)

Today we worked on the Cincinnati Bengals. I thought today's work was OK as far as getting into the mechanics and using the cards and everything. My only concern is the health of the football team. We've got a bunch of guys nicked, but I'm very comfortable and excited about getting started Monday night.

(With the first team, will they play a certain number of series or snaps?)

We always go by plays. We'll have a staff meeting tonight. We'll see how a number of these players come through the treatment segment after the practice here, and we'll sit down tonight and do the play time.

(Could there be more snaps for the first group because of Aaron Rodgers?)

We'll stay as close to the traditional format as possible, with approximately one quarter or somewhere in that area. But if I need to go a few more snaps, I will. My biggest concern right now is the health of our football team.

(Will certain guys be limited?)

Every decision will really be based on the health, because I would like to see them all play. It's important for us to get some momentum, to get out there and play some live football. You don't want to be going through the preseason and feel like you have work that needs to be done in games three and four. So they will clearly be health issues.

(Are you concerned about Ryan Grant getting behind?)

He needs to practice, obviously with the time he has missed with his contract and now with his injury. He definitely needs reps.

(Might it be too risky to play him on Monday?)

It may be. That's something that I will probably have more information by tomorrow on him. If he can go, I would like to see him go.

(Where was Al Harris?)

Al had a lower back. He's rehabbing up top.

(Is it the same thing with him?)

Same thing, just flared up on him.

(What do you want to see from the offensive line?)

You want to see productivity through all of your positions, more importantly with your units, offense, defense and special teams. So the combinations that we decide to play, we want to try to build some continuity. It's been difficult because we have moved a number of guys around, but it's time to play in the games. This is time for the jobs that are up for grabs, that the individuals need to step up and start making their claim for that position.

(How about Desmond Bishop?)

We held him out today, high Achilles strain.

(Are you concerned about the depth at defensive with all of the guys banged up?)

Yeah, we're definitely going to have a problem there. Daniel Muir got kicked there at the end of practice. These are all questions that we'll answer tonight. We'll probably put in the 3-4 defense. Why don't you write that, OK? Put that in for the game Monday.

(Which defensive player will have the speaker in his helmet on Monday night?)

We'll start with Nick Barnett, and (Nick) Collins will also be...I'm not more worried about the player; I'm more worried about the mechanics of the coaches and the facts that both the offense and defense are on the same line. I'm more concerned about the mechanical part of it than the actual who is on the other end of it.

(Do you still consider these injuries to be nagging ones?)

I don't consider them any of them major. We're just running into our fatigue injuries which most teams run into at this point.

(Are you going to be extra cautious with Greg Jennings after he missed the first two games last year with the knee?)

I haven't really thought about last year. I'm just going off of the feedback of Greg. He's been doing a lot of extra prehab, as they refer to it, on things that have bothered him in the past. This is just something that flared up on him.

(Was that an ankle for Muir?)

It looked like he got kicked in the shin, so they are going to look at it when they get up top.

(Will Bishop be able to play on Monday?)

I don't know right now. We have 48 hours, so the guys that can play will play.

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