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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 10

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference on Sunday. will post these full transcripts after each of Coach McCarthy’s press conferences during the 2006 season.


I'll start with the injuries. Everyone returned to the game. Cullen Jenkins got hit in the nose; he returned. Greg Jennings had the same ankle; he returned. Charles Woodson had a shoulder - he also returned. Ahman Green got hit in the head, but he's fine. Ruvell Martin had a chest (injury); he's fine. Patrick Dendy had a hand (injury), but like I said they all returned. With that, I'll take your questions.

(After last week's performance to this, how do you feel about your squad right now?)

Well, once again it's been a long month for us as far as the way Sundays have gone. They prepare, they work, and they stick together. I think that exemplifies the character we have on the football team, and I'm just really proud of the way they've stayed the course. It's a great victory for us to come out here. We've kind of got the road thing solved, and now we need to get the home game stuff in order. I'm just very happy with the victory.

* (How gratifying is it to get a win on the same field you used to coach on?)*

It was very gratifying. I have a lot of respect for a lot of me in that locker room, players and coaches alike. Anytime you have an opportunity to compete against your former family, it's special.

* (Did you do more shifting with personnel on offense?)*

That was part of what we talked about during the course of the week - giving other individuals opportunities, getting in and out of personnel groups. We felt that was to our advantage. Their defense was in transition with some of their injury situations, so we tried to change the pace on some things. That was all part of the game plan, so we did do more this game than we did in the past.

* (Talk about Brett's performance - he even threw a block)*

For a man his age, yeah, he was disappointed he didn't get anyone on the ground. I'm just glad he didn't get hurt. But yeah, he's special.

* (Do you think he is going to play more or is it still in the air?)*

I would love to get through one of these press conferences without answering that question. That's a question we'll visit after the season.

* (How key was winning the turnover battle?)*

It's an emphasis every week obviously. The decisions in the passing game, and our backs have really for the last five or six weeks, have done a great job of taking care of the football. We've been high in interceptions and sack fumbles the last couple of weeks, but that was definitely a key component to our victory.

* (Did it benefit you having coached here and knowing their offense?)*

I think it's overplayed. The players play the game. It's our job to come up with a game plan and put them in position to do it. I just feel very good about the way our players played and performed. It's a players game - I feel strongly about that. Our players performed at a high level today, and we were able to win on the road.

* (Can you asses how Alex Smith played and how he's progressing?)*

I think Alex is making progress. I had the opportunity to watch him this week. We've had him in our breakdowns over the course of the year. I just think he's a young quarterback who's going through the process of being a young quarterback in the NFL. I still stand by the evaluation I was a part of here last year, and I think he's going to have a very bright future.

* (Anything personally redeeming in the way the players bounced back this week?)*

Personally redeeming? It just feels good to win. Unfortunately part of our business, losing is total misery and winning has almost become a relief. It feels very good to win because it's what you look for as you go through the week. You're able to bounce back from the last three weeks we've had - it just feels great to win.

* (How did you get Ruvell Martin so wide open on the touchdown?)*

It's all scheme (laughs).

* (How big was the Nick Collins interception?)*

It was huge. You could make the argument that they had the momentum at that point in the game. They came out and went down on a long drive. I just thought our defense really changed the momentum, the field position and everything there with the three turnovers. That was a key turning point in the football game.

{sportsad}* (How did Cullen Jenkins have an impact from the defensive end spot?)*

He's a bigger man, a little more anchor. (It's) Just different combination of guys, so it's something we'll continue to do as we move forward.

* (Did you think about starting him?)*

Frankly, who runs out for the introductions is overrated. I know that factors in some things. I know that factors in some things. We're just looking at each guy getting certain reps and stay situation-specific if we can. As far as who starts and who doesn't, I don't get caught up in that.

* (You chose not to score at the end - any thought they might try)*

No, we're just trying to get out of the game. (If they threw it) I'd hope we'd intercept it.

* (Touchdown to Driver - were you trying to set that up?)*

It's one of our base plays. It's actually the same play he scored on in Minnesota, and I'm trying to think of the other game. It's a basic play. They did a good job of jumping the inside routes and playing soft on the outside and breaking routes. It really came down to the quarterback and receiver making a play.

* (What did you do to get Donald involved considering he gets so much attention?)*

You try to move him around. He's a primary focus in our passing game, and just keep trying to put him in position where he is one-on-one and take advantage also when they're rolling to him. I think Greg Jennings had some opportunities early, and Ruvell Martin had the big opportunity. He's our flanker, our primary receiver. We need to make a conscious effort to get him the ball week in and week out.

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