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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 11

(How was the tempo of practice today?)

Very good. Tempo was excellent.

(Has there been a decision on Tauscher's surgery schedule?)

I have not talked to Pat, Dr. Pat McKenzie, this week about the exact timing. I know when we talked on Monday about Mark, the goal was to do pre-hab, get the swelling and everything out of the knee, and the target was sometime next week, but I don't have the exact date for you.

(Are you encouraged by what you saw today from Chillar?)

I thought Brandon Chillar practiced well today. He was flying around and made a couple plays in the blitz drill. Actually made a play in the blitz drill against us. He looked like he was back to full speed. I'll be curious how his body responds tomorrow. That will be the big test.

(Given some things Bishop did in the last game, how do you decide whom to play there?)

That's an excellent question. I think we'll use the week of practice really to determine that. I think it's very obvious, you don't have enough good quality productive football players. So we'll find a way to make that work. But Brandon's issue is medical, and I thought he looked good today. Really curious to see how he feels in the morning when he goes through his Friday exam.

(Are you worried this illness will linger with Pickett?)

I have no indication to think that it would. But we'll see where he is tomorrow. I know he didn't feel very good yesterday. He fought through yesterday's practice and was worse today at work during the meetings. So we sent him home.

(Do you have other guys you could play inside there if you have to?)

Depends on the situation. Really, normal down and distance versus second and eight-plus and third down. To answer your question, yes, we definitely do, but it will be more situational than anything.

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