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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 15

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s Friday press conference. will post these full transcripts after each of Coach McCarthy’s press conferences during the 2006 season.


OK, I'll start with the injuries. We had three players who did not practice today. Atari Bigby, but he'll stay questionable with the hamstring. Ruvell Martin with the chest bruise, and Michael Montgomery. Everybody else practiced, and everybody else's status will stay the same. Scott Wells, we're going to remove him from the injury report. He's fine. He had an illness earlier in the week.

(Will Martin be downgraded?)

We're still going to see if he has a chance. Everybody else's status will stay the same, including Martin's.

(Either way are you considering promoting Francies?)

We're looking to promote one of the receivers if he does not go, yes. Francies probably would be the one.

(Can Ruvell run at all?)

Just because of the area of the bruise, it's a precaution more than anything. He feels fine. He did a lot of work the last two days, Wednesday and Thursday, in the pool. And then today he ran. He wants to go. But it's more a medical issue and how much time you have to let that thing heal. It's more precautionary than anything, but if you talk to him, he's ready to go.

(What did you see from Tauscher and how confident are you you'll have him?)

I need to talk to him again today. He wasn't sore this morning, and I think that's obviously a positive sign. He just felt a little sluggish, knocking the rust off. He took most of the reps with the opponent squad, but we'll see how he feels.

(Is that still looking more like Thursday then?)

Correct, yeah. Hopeful that he'll go Sunday but I don't know if he's going to make it.

(Do you see keeping him up as a backup?)

That's really what the conversation is, basically if we put him up as part of the 53. I really want to see how he feels today, and I know the medical staff wants to rehab him tomorrow. So we'll see how he feels.

(What was Lamar Hunt like as far as your working relationship, and what did he mean to the NFL?)

Lamar Hunt, I don't have the words to really describe the class of an individual he was. Just being a young coach, coming into that organization, it's such a first-class organization, and he'd always know your name, ask you how your wife was doing, knew the names of your children. He was such an impressive individual to be around. Very humble, very modest. I just can't say enough about him and the opportunity he gave me to be a part of his organization, breaking into this league. And what he's done for pro football is unbelievable. It's a sad day for the National Football League, and my heart goes out to the Hunt family.

(Where do things stand with Jeff and Boston College?)

Nothing's changed, as far as I know. He's interviewed and that's where it lies.

(If they want him to go out there Saturday, can you work with that?)

Just like I've said, we'll accommodate that situation the best we can. But our focus is on beating Detroit, Jeff is a big part of that, but I have not had any communication on where they're at in their search.

(Will that be tough with the tight week next week?)

With our week? Yeah. Once again, our focus is on winning football games, and that is his focus, but we'll work with him. I don't know the timeframe or anything, so it's irrelevant for me to get into it.

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