Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 19

(What happened to Justin? Anything new there?)

Justin is battling the same injury, and he's had a setback. It's unfortunate, and once again, he's going through a period where he just can't quite get healthy. He will be out this week against the Bears.

(Does it look like there's a chance he'll need surgery early in the offseason?)

We're really not that far along. He's just going through rehab. It's something that Dr. McKenzie wants to continue on that path. I hope not.

(You're adding his back along with his hip in describing his injury. Is there an issue with the back itself?)

Most of the pain is in the hip, which could be related to the initial injury. That's really what we need to find out. He's really just had a setback the last couple practices, so we're going to be smart with him this week and see if we can get him through rehab and get him ready for Detroit, is our plan.

(Did the setback occur during practice yesterday?)

It's kind of been ongoing. It's getting worse. It's not getting better. We're going to put him, once again, in the rehab mindset and take it throughout the weekend and see if there's a chance for Detroit.

(You think you might have DeShawn Wynn active?)

DeShawn Wynn has a chance to be active, definitely with the injuries to Korey and Brandon Jackson. DeShawn has been getting a lot of work. He's always been part of the rotation. We're very very comfortable with him in there, and I feel we wouldn't miss a beat.

(Was Brandon able to do any team stuff?)

He did a lot more today, just as far as the drills and punching the sled and so forth, and took some reps in team. We say this a lot, I'll be more interested to see how he feels. He tried a different brace today. It's really the threat of carrying the football properly is one of the biggest concerns.

(What about picking up a blitz?)

Like I said, he punched the sled, and he did more today than I think we all anticipated.

(Considering the weather you'll have down there and how it was here today, how come you didn't open the doors on the Hutson Center?)

We live in this weather. We're comfortable with the fact it'll be cold. I don't think the temperature is the factor playing outside from my experience and the way we prepare a team. The things you need to prepare for are really the wind and things like that. Just with our situation as far as our field and so forth, that's why we're still inside.

(Was Korey Hall able to do much in team?)

He was in rehab today. He was in a rehab mode. He's going to have a real challenge to make it. If I had to choose today, I would put him out.

(How did Al Harris look in practice today?)

Al looked good today. Al had a good day today. I had a chance to observe him some, and he looks like he'll be ready to go.

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