Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 20

(Has a decision been made on what to do with the secondary?)

Aaron Rouse and Charles Woodson are both ready to play safety. Aaron Rouse took the majority of snaps at safety, and Charles took his snaps at corner, so we're ready to go.

(Is this an important game for Rouse to show something after some up and down performances?)

I think it's an important game for all of us. We need to win a football game as a football team. That's our focus. This is another opportunity for Aaron to be the starter, and we could talk about any position. When you get a chance to start, you need to perform. This is a performance business. The players clearly understand that. We talk about job responsibilities and a number of things you need to reiterate during the course of the year, and this is a great opportunity for him to step up. That's pro football. Injuries are part of our game, and we look for him to be impactful, which he has been in spots, but it's the consistency of playing four quarters that's going to be his challenge Monday night.

(How much did Brandon Jackson do today?)

Not a whole lot, so we have to make a decision there. We do have some extra time because it is a Monday night game, but his progress has been slower than I expected. So we'll prepare to go another direction if we have to. But DeShawn Wynn is ready to go. I'm fully confident in DeShawn's abilities.

(He stepped in at the Seattle game when you needed him at the last second. Is he a guy you can stick in there and be confident?)

Very much so. DeShawn Wynn can play every down and distance, every situation. I think it was clearly evident in reference to the Seattle game. There was a big third down and he went in. They came after us with empty pressure and he made a key pickup of the strong safety. Excellent recognition and it was a big block in the A gap which gave Aaron the ability to throw the long touchdown to Greg Jennings. We have a lot of confidence in DeShawn Wynn.

(If you have a couple injuries at fullback, is he a guy you can slide into that spot or do you go with a tight end there?)

These are all schematic adjustments that frankly I don't really want to get into. But we're prepared to go whatever direction we need to. We're a multiple personnel offense. I think we illustrate that the way we line up week in, week out with our formation variations. So we'll be prepared to deal with potential situations that may take us out of a personnel group.

(Given the forecast, is there a chance neither team will be able to throw the ball effectively?)

Man, there's a lot of weather reports that are varying here ...

(What are you hearing?)

Not what you're hearing. I'm not worried about throwing the ball. If it gets to that point, fortunately I have two games of experience in that particular stadium. We'll be ready to go and adjust accordingly.

(After seeing the struggles of the punting unit last year, any words of advice to Jeremy Kapinos and Brett Goode?)

We still have to snap it, we still have to get it off. Rob Davis was the snapper last year, and the particular movement on the ball and handling the ball in the wind was something that factored in those situations. We'll be ready.

(Are you confident in Jeremy with what you've seen from him these last two games?)

Absolutely. I just like his disposition more than anything. He's technically sound. His get-off times are where they need to be. He's given us confidence just to move forward.

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