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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 26

(How much did Pickett do?)

Ryan Pickett's participation today was with the jog-through. Ryan was a workout situation in Pittsburgh. I just completed talking to Dr. McKenzie and Pepper Burruss about his situation. We don't have enough information. We're probably going to have to work him out tomorrow before the game and make a decision.

(How has B.J. Raji done filling in for him?)

B.J. Raji has done a good job. Obviously B.J. went through the period of the season where he was injured. Just the extra reps in practice and in games have really helped him. I just like the progress that he is making, both at the nose guard and at the tackle position in sub. B.J. is getting better each week and has been very productive in his opportunities.

(How has Mason handled the week and do you expect him to rebound?)

Mason has had a good week, a good week of preparation. He had the opportunity to kick outside Wednesday. I just want to say it again: I have all the confidence that he'll get over this hump that he has created with his opportunities that he did not hit in the past couple of weeks. Hard-working, very intelligent, and we feel strongly that he'll just kick the ball through the uprights like he was before.

(How is Trevor Ford?)

Trevor Ford, he will be a game-day decision also. He didn't do as much today as I had hoped, but he is responding from the treatment. We don't have a lot of history with Trevor in this situation, so we're going to have to get more information off of him tomorrow.

(So what will you do in the sub packages?)

Brandon Underwood has practiced all week, and obviously Josh Bell. That's the direction we can go

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