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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 4

(We heard an ambulance came to practice today. What happened?)

Jeremy Thompson experienced a neck stinger right at the end of practice. He has been taken to the hospital for testing. It literally happened right near the end of practice, and that's all the information I have for you right now.

(Did you see it happen?)

That's all the information I have for you right now. It happened in a team drill. He went down, and we're just taking the high side of caution here.

(He had movement?)

That's all the information I have for you right now.

(Was he on the scout team at that time?)

No, it was a team drill. He was on the defense. It was a defensive drill.

(Was it a running play?)

It was an in-line play. I'll have to look at the film to give you specifics. I didn't see exactly what happened.

(Can you say if he was conscious or not?)

He's conscious.

(Where are you at left tackle with T.J.'s concussion and Chad's hamstring?)

We'll take the week to get through our injuries like we always do. Chad Clifton was limited today. T.J. Lang has a concussion, so we're taking the high road on that. I don't anticipate he'll practice tomorrow, so we'll take the week to prepare for left tackle.

(When did Lang get the concussion?)

Yesterday's practice.

(How did Clifton look?)

I thought he looked good in his rehab. Traditionally with players coming back on hamstrings, tomorrow will be the key, how he responds. He did the individual work and the work outside of his rehab, so tomorrow will be a big indicator.

(Were the guys a little shaken up when Jeremy went down? How did they react? Were they worried about him?)

I was with Jeremy during the course of him being put into the ambulance, so I haven't had an opportunity to really speak to the team about it. Once again, this occurred right at the end of practice.

(Did you end practice at that point?)

No, the coordinators took the team back inside and completed the last period.

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