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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 5

(What's the latest on Jeremy Thompson?)

Jeremy Thompson was released from the hospital this morning. He's doing very well. Went through all the testing yesterday, and I had a chance to visit with Jeremy. He will have pretty much a full recovery. It was a scary situation for everybody, and we're just glad that he's going to be OK.

(Do you think he has a chance to get back this season?)

That's to be determined. His strength level is not 100 percent, and he's going to have some soreness and some things he needs to deal with here in the near future.

(Stingers have been an issue with him. Did the testing reveal any serious condition that could affect his career?)

The results of the tests showed no serious injury. But still, he has to go through the process of medication, rehab and then there will be some more testing down the road.

(What does Dr. McKenzie tell you about why this keeps happening to him?)

Just like any injury that we talk about, those specifics are really for Jeremy or any player to talk to you about. I feel like I've addressed it. But in respect to the specifics of every injury, it is specific to the individual. But he definitely has a history with stingers. This is a positive day. Once again, you never want to see anybody in that position, and to see one of your players taken off the field yesterday was definitely a very nervous time for all of us.

(How much was Clifton able to do today?)

Chad was limited, could have probably done more, but I feel very good the way he came out of the week. Today, the way he responded to his work yesterday was definitely a positive. We'll see how the next 50 hours goes, but it looks like he has a chance to be ready to go. I feel better about him today than I did two days ago.

(Did he take any reps with the No. 1 line in team?)

He went through the jog-through segments.

(But that's all?)

Yes. I take that back. No, he had some team reps. Yes he did.

(Who's the backup there?)

T.J. Lang is obviously going through the medical process, and if he is cleared by the medical staff, then T.J. ... if T.J. is ready to go, he'll be the next available.

(If T.J.'s not?)

I think Breno and Allen have both been training and have had good weeks of practice. We'll determine that here in the next couple days.

(Do you feel it's important to keep Daryn at left guard regardless? Do you think he's found his groove again?)

I think it helps Daryn, I think it helps any of our guys if they have the ability to stay at one position. But we have shown in the past, we work different combinations throughout the week. Daryn still has the ability to bounce out to left tackle if needed. But our priority and options are something frankly that are part of game-planning. We feel like we have the needed reps and the availability of a number of different people if we have to go that route.

(You said after Lang went to right tackle that Allen needed to re-set himself. How's he been?)

Allen Barbre had the ankle injury. I thought he had a little bit of a setback there. But he's come back quickly. He's done a good job at practice. He's a tough, athletic, gifted young man. It's just the development as an offensive lineman. I think he's definitely fighting and has a lot of desire to get back on the field. I've been very pleased with the work that he's given us.

(Do you feel Tauscher is at the point he can play a full game now?)

I think Mark's ready for that. That's the outlook going into Monday night's game. We're going to head down that path. Mark's a veteran that has played a lot of football. He's come back from major injuries in the past, and he's done a very good job of communicating with the coaches and the medical staff, so we'll follow his lead. But we feel like we've prepared him now with the plan that we've had him on since he came back, and we feel he'll have an opportunity to play in the whole game Monday night.

(When you got the job in '06, did you watch all the film from '05, every single game?)

Oh, I don't know about every game. A lot of film.

(I was just wondering if you watched the Ravens game and how Rodgers struggled.)

I don't recall that. I do recall the game, and I do recall seeing Aaron playing in the game more in the form of cut-ups than the actual flow of the game. I couldn't tell you how his series went. But I do recall the game, once again more in the cut-ups that we watched of the players.

(Do you think you'll sign Obiozor to the active roster?)

We worked Obi today. I think Obi has been doing a great job. We believe in trying to develop our younger players. We're a draft-and-development philosophy, and he's done an excellent job. That's definitely something we'll consider over the next two days. But I think he's been doing a heck of a job.

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