Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 7

(Will Favre have to wear any kind of sleeve on his right arm Sunday?)

I have not asked him that. I don't think Brett will be hindered from his injury. He practiced at full strength today. Based on what he's going to wear on his arm, I couldn't tell you. He's been wearing a sleeve in practice, so he may wear it in the game. I'm not sure.

(Did he air it out today?)

Yeah. I thought he threw the ball well today.

(What was Woodson able to do today?)

Charles participated mostly in the team drills. He took his share of reps. I thought he looked pretty good. It'll be interesting to see how he responds in the morning after practicing. He's really picked up the progress as far as rehab and what he's been doing on the treadmill all week, and he looked pretty natural out there today. So tomorrow will be a big day for him.

(Is that why he's questionable, because you don't know how he'll be tomorrow?)


(Have you talked about him wanting to play against the Raiders, his former team?)

We haven't talked about Oakland, but I know he wants to play. He wanted to play against Dallas. I've said it all along: We'll be cautious with Charles, and we'll do what's in the best interest of his health before we do what's in the best interest of our football team.

(Will you play him 100% or in a reduced role?)

If he does play, we're going to bring him up to play. I'm not going to bring him up just to play part of the time. But the way we've been repping the younger guys with Jarrett Bush and Frank Walker going in there with the starters, I think Tramon Williams and Will Blackmon have had an excellent week of work. If Charles does not go, we would probably roll all four of those guys throughout the game because I'd like to see them all play. I think they're all pretty even as far as ability and performance level. I've been impressed with the secondary as they worked through the week. My point is, I think we're in good shape.

(Why do the Super Bowl losers struggle the year after?)

Just off the top of my head, their season is longer, and once you achieve that level of success, your path is different. Hopefully we'll have to deal with that problem next year. You have to go over different hurdles than you do when you're coming off an 8-8 year as opposed to a 14-2, 13-3 type year, playing in the Super Bowl. They've had their share of injuries, they've had the ball bounce against them, but I think it's also just a reflection of how competitive it is week-in and week-out in the National Football League.

(Did Corey Williams get injured at practice yesterday?)

He's just sore after practice with his back. Frankly, was just being smart with Corey. Corey played a lot of snaps against Dallas, and just wanted to make sure he was fresh for the Oakland game. I don't see him having any problems being ready for the Oakland game, and also it was an opportunity to get our younger defensive tackles some work.

(Is Bubba still another week away, and how's Ryan Krause played?)

I would say Bubba Franks, we're probably shooting for St. Louis, as far as the feedback from Bubba and the doctors, and I think Ryan Krause has done a good job. He's played in some of our special teams, he's had to learn the different personnel groupings and the different formations on the run. I think he's done a nice job when he's been given an opportunity.

(What did you decide at guard?)

Decide at guard? We'll go with Jason Spitz and Junius Coston and Daryn Colledge will back up the other four positions for sure, maybe the other five.

(When you coached in cold weather while in New Orleans and San Francisco, did the weather really make a difference, or is it mental?)

I didn't have a positive experience with the New Orleans Saints. I can recall a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, they were, I want to say they were probably 2-12 at the time and we had to win one of three games to make the playoffs, and that was the first of the three. And we went up there in Cincinnati, and it was about 32 degrees and I grew up in this type of climate and I don't think I was ever so cold in my life. And I know the players were, and we didn't play very well. You could say it was the weather, but it was not a positive experience for a team coming from the South to the North. But that's the only one I can really think of. It's like a lot of things in our business, it's confidence, it's your mental approach, distractions, handling those type of things.

(How's Bush rebounded from being benched?)

Jarrett Bush is a very, very competitive individual. He competes every day at practice, he continues to be one of our better special teams players, which you appreciate when a young player gets an opportunity to play on offense or defense as a starter, you don't really see the dropoff in his play on special teams, which sometimes does occur. I thought he competed all week, he doesn't lack for confidence, he's a young improving player, and we look for him to continue to improve.

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