Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - July 29

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s Sunday press conference. Coach McCarthy addressed the media on Clarke Hinkle Field following Sunday’s morning practice. - More Ted Thompson Press Conference Transcript - July 29

(Where was Brett [Favre] today?)

Brett had a personal issue. There was a death in his family and he's dealing with that right now.

(Will he be back for the night practice?)


(What is the status on the guys that failed their physicals?)

They're still day-to-day. They're still going through the conditioning process to get back on the field. Donald [Driver] is still day-to-day with a shoulder.

(Will they be re-tested for a physical?)

It's based on the information from the work out. They're given an opportunity based on that test.

(Are they working out?)

Absolutely, they worked out this morning.

(What is Tory Humphrey's status?)

Tory has a broken ankle. It appears to be significant. I don't have the exact time on his return or if it is season-ending.

(What is Vernand Morency's status?)

Morency has a knee. He will be day-to-day.

(Are you concerned about his durability?)

Looking at what he's done in the offseason I'm surprised that he had an injury this early. He doesn't know exactly when it occurred. But to answer your question I'm not concerned. We've said it over and over again. If it takes one guy to do the job then we'll use one guy. If it takes a committee of backs then we'll do it by committee.

(Did you see how Tory got hurt?)

We had a collision on a pass play. It caught him off balance.

(What is Robert Ferguson's status?)

He's on a one-a-day schedule.

(Is Aaron Kampman on a one-a-day schedule?)

Kampman is on a one-a-day. We have five guys on a one-a-day schedule.

(Is Marviel Underwood on that schedule as well?)


(Has any of this made you change your training camp schedule?)

We cut the team period short by 12 reps. We were down to one tight end. Bubba [Franks] is on a one-a-day schedule because of his knee. That's a part of training camp. I didn't expect to deal with this on the second day of training camp to be honest with you but it happens.

(What are your thoughts on Brandon Jackson?)

He's young and, like most of the guys on the team, is getting used to his pads. The pad level on the football team is a little high. There are things that you normally see early in camp. We had a number of guys on the ground today. We have a few guys that need to get their legs underneath them. I think Brandon is off to a good start. It's pretty neutral. With the speed and tempo of practice, we were way ahead of schedule again today. We were on a plus-11 minute pace. That's the tempo I'm looking for. You'll never see this team run gassers because we do it in practice. Our young guys as a whole are getting used to that right now.

(How was Aaron Rodgers' work with the first-team offense?)

Aaron is at the point in his career where he just needs reps. Team reps are so important for a young quarterback. You don't really get the opportunity being the No. 2 and 3 guy as you move up the ladder. So these reps are important to him.

(Will he get more opportunities with Favre sitting out the morning practices?)

We're being cautious with Brett because of his arm. We're going day-to-day. He has a personal issue right now but that is our plan for Brett during training camp.

(Would he have practiced morning?)

He felt good after yesterday's practice. I'm anticipating that he would have gone this morning.

(Are you going to set a schedule to give him off?)

He's hard to set a schedule for to be frank. We talked about going one-a-days last year and he practiced most of the two-a-days. We'll just see how he feels. He likes to practice. He doesn't like individuals but he likes the team drills. I like when he practices too.

{sportsad300}(Is Chad Clifton the other guy on the one-a-day schedule?)


(What do you see out of the guys going in for Clifton, like Junius Coston and Orrin Thompson?)

It's really early. I didn't like the segment of false starts that we had on the same play. We kept jumping offsides. That's not a positive. We've had two practices so I don't have an evaluation for you right now.

(Are you happy with the tempo?)

The tempo has been excellent the first two days. I'm happy with that.

(What's wrong with Juwan Simpson and David Lonie?)

Simpson had a shoulder and Lonie has an ankle.

(Has Underwood had a setback?)

That was just the plan coming in because of the type of injury that he had.

(What type of potential do you think he has?)

I was very excited about Underwood in last training camp. He's a hard worker. He really attacked his rehab. He's a very bright, young football player. We're very excited about his opportunity to make our football team.

(Did Favre go to Mississippi today?)

No, he's still here.

(What is DeShawn Wynn's status?)

DeShawn Wynn has a stomach virus. He tried to go this morning but he cramped up.

(Can you evaluate Rodgers' play today?)

I thought Aaron made some very good decisions and throws, particularly in the blitz drill. I thought he had two big plays. He had total command of the huddle. I think his arm has gotten stronger. I always knew he had a strong arm. I had a chance to evaluate him coming out of college. I think his maturity - physically and mentally - has progressed a lot since he's been here. He just needs the opportunity to play.

(What do you think of Justin Harrell so far?)

Like a number of our young guys he needs to get in football shape. He's that anchor that we're looking for inside with his body type. He's off to a solid start.

(Did you say you were down to one tight end?)

Zac Alcorn was fading. He was on the ropes so I thought I'd end it.

(Didn't you have Clark Harris?)

He was actually cramping too.

(Are you going to go the full practice tonight?)

We're going to try. We're going to attempt to. It may be a lot of four wide [receivers] tonight. Don't tell [Bob] Sanders. We're going to open it up against him.

(Was that during the last team period?)

Yeah, that was the last period. We lost about 12 reps.

(Are you going to look at other tight ends?)

We're looking at people right now. You're always looking. It's unfortunate what happened with Tory. You never want to see that happen. We didn't deal with this until the fourth or fifth day last year. Sometimes it happens sooner. We'll adjust and move on. It's a part of training camp.

(Is it more vital for Franks to bounce back after last season?)

Bubba needs to have a big year for us. Bubba's at a point in his career where two-a-days might not be the best thing for him. I don't want to be in a position where his knees start to be a problem on day five or six. We're just being pro-active with our approach. We'll stay the course.

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