Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - July 30

(Have you talked to Brett Favre since yesterday?)

No, I haven't. I have not talked to Brett.

(Any thoughts on Mark Murphy going down to Mississippi to visit with Brett?)

I really don't have any thoughts as far as Mark Murphy going to Mississippi. That's really something you would have to ask Mark about. I'm not involved in the specifics of it, so I really have no information for you.

(Aaron Rodgers said he struggled a little yesterday. Did he have a better day today?)

I thought he was pretty sharp. I thought the defense had a good day, particularly in the third-down situations against the first group. Today was a review day. We've got all of our normal down and distance installation in in our first phase of third down. We wanted to review that, and I thought it was good work for everybody. It was distributed throughout the whole 80-man roster, and I thought it was a good day.

(How did Brian Brohm do today?)

He was doing very good there until he had the interception in the move the ball drill. I think in both Brian and Matt (Flynn) together, you are seeing them get more comfortable with the speed of the game, more comfortable in the pocket. That's what you look for in young quarterbacks, so I'm very pleased with the progress they have made so far.

(How is the offensive line adapting to Aaron's game?)

I don't think there is a big adjustment period for Aaron with our offensive line. Just like you stated, they have been together. Aaron didn't just show up here, so I think they are comfortable with him. The landmarks for Aaron are the same as any quarterback that we coach in this system, so there really is not an adjustment.

(How involved are you with Ted Thompson and Murphy in this decision and are you still giving input?)

It really just flows for me as any normal day. You really answered the question; my job is to coach the football team and that's what I am focused on. I'm more concerned with footwork and pad level and the things that we need to improve on. Too many pre-snap penalties. Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy are handling the Brett situation.

(Is Brett still welcome here regardless of what happens?)

Absolutely. Just like we talked about yesterday, I think the players responded accordingly. I can't control what the perception is, but in the locker room, no one dislikes Brett Favre. That's not the opinion at all and that's not the opinion that we want expressed. I've said it before and I'll just say it again; he was a big part of our history and with him reinstating and coming here, he'll be a part of our future.

(Might it be an issue that some players want Brett to play a significant role with this team?)

I don't think it's an issue. Football players want as many good players around them. I don't think coaches in this league think any differently. Everything else we'll have to sort through, because it's there. I'm not going to deny that, but our direction has been set. I think we have said it over and over again how we're moving forward, and that's our plan. If he's part of that locker room, we'll have plan for that. If he's not, we'll continue the way we've been going all week.

(Do you and Ted have a plan for creating a roster spot for him if he does come to camp?)

I really don't want to go into that. Once again, your roster can be affected by your next practice. That is something that will be answered if we have to.

(Are you holding up with the reps at defensive tackle with Justin Harrell and Ryan Pickett sidelined?)

I think so. I think the practice structure helps us, the 2-1-2 schedule. It hasn't been a problem so far.

(What is the plan for Harrell?)

Justin is really week-to-week. I know he is a little frustrated with his progress. Just talking with Pat McKenzie and the medical staff, I would say he is week-to-week.

(How are the younger guys like Conrad Bolston, Daniel Muir and Alfred Malone doing?)

Good. I think the young guys, even some of the d-line, you can see them showing up in some of the special teams units, particularly a couple of them are working on the coverage units. Very pleased with the progress they have made from year one to year two, and they'll definitely factor in the future of our team.

(Do you have any plans to get Brandon Chillar some reps with the first unit?)

I don't really look at it that way, especially in Brandon's case. Brandon Chillar is going to play for us. We don't have 11 starters on defense. It's really the same thing on offense too. We have a number of different personnel groups. You can see, if you compare our practice structure now compared to prior years, we're doing a lot more substituting. We have more personnel groups, and it's the whole thing about make sure we get everybody involved.

{sportsad300}(Is Tory Humphrey showing why you guys have kept him around despite the injuries?)Definitely. I think Tory, he was a little cautious, and I think that's normal for anybody who comes off an injury like his from last year in the first practice, and you see him get more and more comfortable. Yeah, we're excited about Tory Humphrey.

(Any update on Ryan Grant?)

Ryan Grant, nothing's really changed since the last time I addressed that. I'm very hopeful that Ryan will be here sometime in the near future, but as far as the specifics, I have nothing else to share with you.

(Is Brandon Jackson taking advantage of the reps he is getting?)

Absolutely. I think he's done very well. I think Brandon Jackson has had a good week. I think he's been exceptional, particularly in the screen and draw periods. Things like that, those schemes are tailored to his running style.

(Is it a unique situation seeing Orrin and Jeremy Thompson facing off out there?)

I'll be honest with you, I think we all fall into that mode from a coaching and player standpoint. The only time I really think about it is when you guys ask me a question. But I think that's a very special, unique situation, having your brother in camp with you.

(Does Vernand Morency look more explosive to you as he has recovered from his injury?)

I'll tell you what, Mo is a very good football player. I appreciate the way he plays, not particularly just as a running back, but on special teams. It's great to have him back, healthy, he missed training camp all of last year. He's off to a great start.

(Any concern about Brett going to a team in the NFC North?)

As far as where Brett Favre goes or is he's going to go, those are all hypotheticals. I'd really like to share my opinion on that, but I'm not going to do that. That's why I'm holding onto this mike.

(Does Rodgers have the right temperament to handle this situation?)

We're finding out, that's for sure. I think Aaron has handled it very well. It's unusual. This is not normal. I think he's done a good job handling it.

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