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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - June 16

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy's press conference following Wednesday's OTA practice.


(Most of OTAs in the book, where are you at?)Most of the OTAs in the book ... well, we've probably got about 85 percent of our offensive and defensive schemes in. We'll have one more installation tomorrow, and those installations will be mirrored in the training camp practice schedules. Everybody will have been introduced to all the new concepts and everything we're trying to accomplish by the end of tomorrow's practice, and we'll go into the mini-camp and we will go back and review installs one through nine.

(Have you had any recent conversations with Tramon Williams and do you expect him next week?)Tramon, Atari, I really have no new information for you. As we spoke last week, Johnny Jolly has signed his tender. I have excused Johnny from mini-camp next week. We feel it's important for him to concentrate on his legal situation. But I have nothing new to report on either Tramon or Atari today. **

(So you don't know if they signed their tenders, or did they sign their tenders?)Nothing that I'm aware of before practice.

*(Why do you think it's more important for Jolly to focus on the legal stuff? Are you thinking more in terms of him or would you rather not have the distraction of having him here?) *Number one, for the player, for Johnny. There's a lot going on, and he needs to focus and make sure he has everything in line. These decisions that are going to be made legally will affect every aspect of his life, most importantly his personal life and then his professional life.

*(You haven't seen much of James Starks. What do you like about him and what do you want out of him coming into training camp?) *James Starks is very explosive. He's a very athletic running back. He's a taller, high-cut type runner. You can see the ability, the natural running instincts. But he has a lot to learn. He missed plenty of time in college, he's missed some time here. Number one would be he needs to focus on his availability, and just his ability to play injury-free. And the second part of it is obviously just to catch up schematically and get into the technical things that we're asking our running backs to do.

*(If Tramon and Atari aren't here next week, what do you see out of the group behind them, some of the other secondary guys?) *I'll start with the safeties. This is clearly as deep a safety group as we've had in my tenure. So we're getting a lot of work there. We also have Will Blackmon and Derrick Martin coming off of injuries. All the other guys have really had the opportunity to get a lot of work. I really like the depth and I'm very happy with everyone that's been out there working. That's going to be a very competitive position come training camp. And I would really say the same thing for corner. I think all of our younger guys, the quality of work, the volume of work that they've had since March has really helped them. I think it's evident on the practice field.

*(Speaking of safeties, what do you think of Jones?) *He's still making the adjustment. We put him in some new situations also on special teams. He's a very athletic football player. But you can see there's a lot of newness for him back there. He's fighting through the adjustment.

*(Do you feel Burnett has taken advantage of Atari not being here and getting all those first-team reps?) *I would say so. I see Burnett as a very natural, instinctive football player. Things come very easy for him. He's a good communicator. He's a very fluid player in space. His athletic ability and the instincts, he picks up coaching very well. That was very evident watching him play the wing position in the punt protection. Just like all of our younger players, the biggest transition from college to professional sport is number one, keeping up with the speed of the game, but really the second part that every NFL player that comes into camp for the first time is to get reps. You're always fighting for reps, and it's really helped him.

*(How do you feel about bringing in another leg to compete with Mason, or do you just let him go this summer to get himself ready?) *We're going to go with one kicker in training camp. We have the competition at punter. I really like what I've seen from both our punters. But we're committed to Mason. He's done a good job in the offseason. He's outstanding in the strength and conditioning aspect of it. Very technical, he's a professional from that standpoint, and we look for him to have a very productive year.

*(Is there a front-runner at holder?) *I'm sure the punting position will play the biggest part in the holding competition. Ideally you would like to go with your punter as the holder. Based on our past history obviously, (we have) Matt Flynn, and we have some other guys that can do it.

*(How is Chris Bryan doing at holder?) *Chris is doing a good job holding. I've been impressed with the progress that he has made.

*(How did Woodson look out there today?) *Charles looks great. He really looks like he is in shape. I know he has been hitting it hard here of late, and it's great to have him out there. He has looked good last week and this week, so he looks like he is back in top shape already.

*(Is the punting competition still a dead heat?) *I would say it is still a dead heat. Frankly, I want to see both Tim and Chris punt in games. I think they have both done some very impressive things statistically through the workouts, through the practices. They both have a different dimension. They are different, obviously right-footed and left-footed. I think it is going to be a very good competition. I definitely like the talent level of both the punters and we'll definitely go into training camp and let these guys slug it out.

*(Cullen Jenkins wasn't out there today; was he hurt or excused?) *There are certain days and certain things that are going on. This was a personal day for him.

*(There has been a lot of football for these guys the past few weeks. Are guys pretty fresh and absorbing things the way you want?) *I would say they are fresh, and frankly the new schedule, the approach with the week off there, Memorial Day week, the players being off, I think it definitely rejuvenated the players. The opportunity to get the OTAs started, have that break, I'm very pleased with not only the volume, but the quality of work that we have had the last two weeks. Tomorrow will be a big challenge. This is always the toughest week. This is the only week where you don't have the opportunity to review any of your installations, so the players in a short period of time are going out there in a game-plan type situation where you are doing all the different types of situations and there is a different installation Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So this is a very challenging week and something that we have talked about as a team. I definitely like Tuesday and Wednesday's work and I'm looking for us to finish it off Thursday and then we'll use the mini-camp for a review.

*(What did you think of the two-minute drill that ended with Rodgers throwing the touchdown to Nelson?) *I thought it was a big-time throw and an outstanding catch. The coverage was tight and that is one of those last play of the game-type, eight seconds left on the clock. Those are the types of things that are part of winning championships, the ability to make those plays and consistently make those throws. The defensive side of the room doesn't share that opinion right now, but they are definitely plays and situations that you can learn from. It's very similar to the Pittsburgh game.

*(What is your plan with Bulaga, going into the mini-camp and training camp? Are you going to keep working him at left tackle?) *We'll stay with the same approach tomorrow and next week with Bryan, yes.

*(Do you anticipate any of the injured guys practicing next week?) *I do not. Ted Thompson and Dr. McKenzie met this morning and then I had a long meeting with Ted before practice. We're projecting those guys for training camp, so I don't see anybody passing the physical next week in that injury group.

*(What have you seen in B.J. Raji's development?) *I see B.J. Raji first of all really developing in the weight room. I thought he has had a very good offseason, particularly with some of the new things we have asked our team to do, particularly the defensive linemen. I think the defensive-line group as a whole, it's been their best offseason in the strength and conditioning. B.J., he's going to make that transition to Year 2, and I look from big things from B.J. I think he has had an outstanding offseason and he is a very talented young man. I think playing one position exclusively in the base will definitely help him.

*(Can you talk about Matt Flynn's progress?) *He is a good football player. He is a quarterback that just continues to get better. He has always had the instincts. He is a winner. He has proven that throughout his career, and every time he gets opportunities, he takes advantage of it. Just the throw he made today in the move-the-ball period, I thought was exceptional. I'm very pleased with the way Matt is playing right now.

*(As you understand it, has Tramon signed his tender?) *As of my time walking on the field, I do not have an official announcement on Tramon Williams.

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