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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - June 2

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s press conference prior to Wednesday’s open OTA practice.

(Are you going to practice indoors or outdoors today?)

We're going to practice outdoors unless the weather has changed since I walked in here. We have every intention of being outside.

(What's your concern level with this whole Johnny Jolly thing in terms of the legal stuff?)

I'm concerned for Johnny Jolly personally. He's a member of our football team that's going through a legal situation and we're monitoring it closely, and we'll just continue to support Johnny the best we can.

(Did any uncertainty with Jolly play into the decision with B.J. and Pickett and their positions?)

Definitely. I think anytime you have the ability to play multiple positions, whether it's defensive line and also with Johnny's situation, definitely his availability is in question. I don't think you can deny that. But we feel very good about the depth in our defensive line, and we're excited about the younger players that we've acquired. And also I think Ryan Pickett is someone we can utilize in different positions. He hadn't played a whole lot out on the tackle, but we like everything we've seen so far where he plays the four-eye, the inside technique and he's doing a very good job of it. I think anytime you can get Ryan and B.J. on the field, it definitely gives you a chance to anchor more in the run defense. We're just trying to utilize Ryan's abilities and make sure we have enough flexibility, because as we all know, there's not 11 starters on defense or 11 starters on offense. We're looking for as much versatility as possible.

(What have you seen out of Morgan Burnett working with the first group?)

Been very impressed with Morgan. He's done a very good job, particularly communicating for a young safety. That's a very big part of playing the position, the communication, as far as the alignments, the formations and the calls to be made back t here. I think he's off to a good start. I think he's a very natural football player. He's done some things on special teams in particular some new techniques that we're implementing this year. I like what I've seen just in the short time he's been here also on special teams.

(Is Bigby a guy that needs this opportunity to work?)

I think all of our players understand the importance of the OTAs, particularly the players that have been here in the past, the opportunities that they're given and the time that the coaching staff puts into these OTAs and the individual time that's available afterwards. Anytime a player misses these, it's an opportunity that is wasted as far as being with his teammates. But we can't deny there are business situations that surround our business, and that's no different for Atari or any others that have not been here.

(What have you seen so far from Pat Lee and Brandon Underwood?)

Pat Lee, it's nice to have him out there. Pat looks healthy. Made some plays yesterday in particular I was glad to see. Pat, every time he gets on the field, he makes plays. He has this injury hurdle that hopefully he has cleared. I'm excited about his participation and what he has shown so far in the OTAs. I think Brandon Underwood would definitely be a candidate for most improved player from Year 1 to Year 2 so far from what I've seen. I think he's really matured in the weight room. He looks very good right now. I know we're only practicing in shorts and helmets, but I think Brandon Underwood is off to an outstanding spring so far. I've been very pleased with what he has shown on film.

(Who else falls into that group of most improved from Year 1 to Year 2?)

Oh, I think Brad Jones jumps out at me. Brandon Underwood definitely jumps out. Clay has been very consistent. It's good to see B.J. out there healthy, running around. We'll go through the whole spring and see how it goes. We need to get T.J., get him healthy. But I really like what I've been seeing from the second-year players, particularly in the weight room.

(Why Graham Harrell as opposed to Pizzotti who's been here in your QB school?)

We really felt Graham came in and had a heck of a workout. He had the opportunity in Cleveland and had some very good college tape, and had some very good grades from our scouting department. I was impressed with his velocity. That's something that was probably a little in question coming out of college in my opinion. But I thought he had a very good workout, and we felt it was a chance to give him an opportunity. I thought Chris really improved in his time here. I think he's definitely a better quarterback today than when he arrived, and I enjoyed working with him. But I think Graham is someone who has a chance to be a quarterback in the National Football League.

(Can you go to camp with four quarterbacks or snap-wise would you prefer less?)

Well, Aaron Rodgers is still young, so I'm not really concerned about his reps. Matt Flynn can't get enough. I think Matt is having another outstanding offseason. You would like to go with four. The 80-man roster and some of the players that from a health standpoint, looking at the possible PUP list and things like that, all those types of variables will factor into if we go with three or four quarterbacks.

(How is Spencer Havner doing?)

Spencer, he was scanned yesterday. Dr. McKenzie did not feel comfortable that he was quite ready to go. It will be at least another two weeks, is my understanding.

(Do you see Brad Jones as your starter at left outside linebacker?)

Left outside linebacker, is it base? Is it sub? Brady Poppinga is having a heck of a spring, Brad is having a heck of a spring, and also Clay Matthews is coming off a Pro Bowl season. I feel very good about those three guys right now.

(You spoke to overtraining a couple weeks ago. So far are you satisfied with the new schedule in OTAs?)

I really like the new schedule as far as the week off last week. I think it came at a very good time, especially with the participation that we've had since March 15. It was also an opportunity to have the rookies here for a full week, and we got a lot of mileage out of it. We had some walk-throughs in the gymnasium with certain individual positions. They were able to get four days in the weight room. Also Rob Davis had some player programs for them, as far as banking, taxes, and things like that to make their transition to Green Bay as smooth as possible. It was a really good week to get those guys acclimated, because this week, next week and the week after is going to be a big challenge for those guys as far as the amount of volume of offense, defense and special teams that we're going to throw at them. As far as the overtraining, I think this break at this time will really help us in that area.

(People look at the left outside linebacker spot and worry about the pass rush you're going to get. Do you feel good about your options or do you need more?)

I think you need to look at the whole picture. I think you need to look at the depth of the defensive line. You've got some young players in here that are going to have an opportunity. Also we have some inside linebackers that have pass-rush ability. We're in Year 2 of our defensive system. I feel very good about the added personnel groups and the added combination of different personnel utilization that Dom and the defensive staff have come up with. I feel our numbers are very good as far as that defensive front, not just concentrating solely on the outside linebacker position.

(How's Starks doing?)

He's been injured, and he's getting close. We don't have an exact timeframe on him.

(Is that his shoulder?)

He's been injured. Do we have an injury report? Hamstring, OK, thank you.

(Have you had any contact with Jolly in the offseason?)

Personally? I have not talked to Johnny in probably at least a month. But there is constant communication with Johnny and his associates with people here in the organization.

(Are you confident he's matured and gotten past some of the issues from earlier in his career?)

I think this will definitely be a learning experience for him. Just watching the legal process and hoping the best for Johnny personally.

(You've kept Giacomini around for two years. What have you seen from him?)

I think Breno is a young developing offensive lineman who really hasn't been given the opportunity of others in front of him. He's obviously here for a reason. If you look at the path of offensive linemen, especially someone making the transition from tight end to offensive tackle, it does take some time. He had some untimely injuries in the past, but he's doing very well. He's a very powerful man. I think his footspeed has definitely increased. You can see that in the drill work. He'll definitely, he's going to compete for that right tackle position.

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