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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - June 22

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s press conference following Monday morning’s mini-camp workout.

(Did something happen with Justin Harrell since it looked like he dropped out at the end?)

I have not been to the training room yet and I did not get a post-practice report from Pepper, so I do not have that information for you.

(How about Anthony Smith?)

Anthony Smith did not practice because of a groin, medical situation.

(Charles Woodson?)

Excused for a personal (reason). He had something personal he was dealing with today, a charitable event. Will Blackmon was married this past weekend, so he'll be arriving back here tonight.

(Is Breno Giacomini still dealing with an injury?)


(How much catching up does Nick Collins have to do and how did he look?)

I did not watch a whole lot of Nick today. I spent most of my time with the offense. But I know, visiting with Nick over the weekend and visiting with our training staff, we put him through the rehab workout session last week, and they feel like he is in good shape. Nick has always been a conditioned athlete for us. We have never had an issue there, so I feel like he is on top of the physical part of it. He has a good understanding of the transition from the verbiage change, so he has been spending time in his book. You can see that, but it's definitely a challenge because all of those reps he missed, he has to make that up. We're confident he'll get that done.

(Do you feel like he is in a good place attitude-wise?)

I thought so. We talked twice throughout the weekend, so I feel like his heart in mind are in the right place and he wants to play some football.

(What do you hope to accomplish this week?)

Bring it all together. The offseason program is always about gaining knowledge, getting your whole football team on the same page. Everybody throws that around, the same page note, but we had a new defense, we had some new things on special teams. We feel the transition is over. That's something we talked about as a football team this morning, and it's time to turn the page in the playbook. It's not what we're doing, but how fast we are doing it. I feel we have reached that part in our offseason program. We concluded our installs last week in the OTAs, and it's vital that this week that the quality of work as a group improves. We're throwing everything at them. It's really a correction period throughout the whole mini-camp for everything that we have done over the course of the OTAs. If you watched the blitz period, there were blitzes in there from the first install to the ninth install, no different for the offense. So very game-like as far as the volume of information the player has to take from the classroom on to the practice field today, and that's always a good indicator of your pulse of the football team from a scheme standpoint. We practiced fast. I thought the tempo was outstanding. We were way in the plus category of where we need to be. The conditioning of our team I am pleased with, a lot of positives. Everybody is excited throughout the league this time of the year, I understand that, but this gives us a very good indicator of where we are as a football team these next two days.

(Aaron Kampman batted a pass in the red-zone work. Do you feel like he is getting more comfortable?)

He has looked pretty comfortable throughout the month of June to me. I like what I have seen (from) Aaron Kampman. Aaron has spent a lot of extra time with his position coach. He seems comfortable out there in space in the things we are asking him to do. I think he is a much better athlete than people give him credit, making the change as you can say from defensive end to outside linebacker. I expect Aaron to be very, very productive in this defense.

(What has Kevin Greene brought to the coaching staff?)

Kevin brings experience with the position, number one, of a new defense. That's very important. He definitely has the credibility from a players' perspective of what he has done in this league. As a new, first-year assistant coach, I have been impressed with what I have seen from Kevin. Kevin communicates very well with his fellow staff members. He communicates well with the players. He has shown a tremendous work ethic and I think his coaching career is off to a very good start.

(What is Shawn Slocum bringing as special teams coordinator?)

Shawn has been coaching special teams for quite some time. It's no different than when any coach goes from assistant coach to a coordinating position. He has an opportunity to impose his techniques, his scheme beliefs into his unit, and that's what he has done. You'll see those changes and the players will see those changes schematically through all of the phases. He has completed his install, and it's been good to watch his drill work. He's changed some things up from the way we have done them in the past. I like the way he commands the room. He has good relationships with the players. He coaches with a lot of energy and they definitely respond to him.

(How has B.J. Raji looked at end and how important is it for a rookie to cross-train at a couple of spots?)

I think B.J. has done a good job at the end position. His learning curve is probably a little higher than what you would like. You always would like to take a rookie and establish him in one position, but that's not always the best case to get the young man on the field. He's really trained in three positions. He's got the nose guard and then also the tackle in the sub groups and the defensive end in the base group. There has definitely been more learning for him. He has worked his way through it. He's a gifted young man. You can see why everybody was so high on him. His foot quickness, the leverage that he plays with and his leg strength is definitely exceptional. I think Mike Trgovac has done a very good job so far with him, but it's something that he has definitely shown he can handle.

(What do you like about Quinn Johnson and what does he need to work on?)

Quinn, when you watch him play at LSU, when he hits you, he keeps moving forward. He definitely has that lead blocking ability that you're definitely looking for in tight situations, whether it be short-yardage, goal-line, or first and second down, getting up and leading on those linebackers. That's the first thing that jumps off when you watch him on film. I can remember when Ted Thompson came back from his trip at LSU, he was very high on Quinn. It's no surprise that he's here today based on that conversation however many months ago. More athletic than I would anticipate watching his college film. Bright-eyed kid, plays with a lot of energy. He's learning from two very good veterans, guys that are very smart that know the system inside and out, and he definitely brings a bigger man, some juice to that position. That's going to be a very competitive position as we move forward through training camp.

(Can you talk about the young receivers, and how hard will it be for them to beat out Ruvell Martin for a spot on the roster?)

Well, it's a good group. You're talking about a receiver group that's the top of the National Football League the last couple of years. It's a great opportunity for younger players to come in and learn from those guys, but more importantly when we go to training camp, to compete with that group. I like what I see so far. You can go right down the line, they've all flashed. I will say that. They've all shown the ability to play multiple positions, which is very important with our scheme. We play guys at all four positions inside and out, that's really the benefit we've had in game-planning over the last three years here, and something that we'd like to continue to do. I would definitely give plusses to all those guys. They're all improving. I know they've done a good job in the weight room, Jimmy Robinson thinks they're doing a good job in the classroom, and on the practice field, it's like the rest of those young guys, they just cannot get enough reps.

(Does Jamarko Simmons have an injury?)



Could be a leg, could be a back, could be an arm. Yeah, he has a back injury.

{sportsad300}(It seems like some of the young defensive backs have some versatility. Is Dom trying to tweak some things to move guys around?)

It's really more scheme things, and I'd rather not get into that. Nick Collins has played corner before here. You'll definitely see him have that ability. Jarrett Bush going from cornerback there gives you flexibility. Charlie is another flexible defensive back. Patrick, you'll probably see him more inside, nickel, with the corners. It's the same thing that we talked about with the earlier question with B.J., it's giving your younger players an opportunity to get on the field. Now, we will play more defensive personnel here than we have in the past, and some of those things you're asking about probably fit into that category.

(You have had the same five on the offensive line throughout OTAs. Is Tony Moll a placeholder until Clifton comes back or can he compete for a spot?)

I think Tony Moll is definitely someone you always factor into competing for a starting position. Just look at how much he's played since he's been here. Unfortunately injuries are part of the game. Tony has done a very nice job at left tackle, and I think Tony has finally benefited from lining up and playing one position for a long period of time, meaning five or six weeks. Tony is like the rest of those guys. He's fighting for a position on our team, whether it be left tackle or going over and competing at right tackle. It's just trying to get away from so many multiple chairs that we've had up front. It's definitely a plus. It's a benefit to train younger players like that because it gives you flexibility going from the 53 to the 45, but where we are in our program now from an offensive line standpoint, we are creating competition as much as we can across the line.

(What has been the focus for Aaron Rodgers this offseason and what area have you seen growth in?)

Just from a pure quarterback standpoint, it's the same focus you have every year. Aaron is not perfect. You break him down fundamentally, and there's things that you see over the course of the year you go back and address, and you work those March, April, May, when you have the individual time. Then you get into the group stuff, and really just taking command of the offense at a higher level. There's changes on offense. Most of the changes have been on defense, but we've changed some things on offense too. So giving Aaron and the quarterbacks the opportunity to get their hands on it first. They're the first ones to see the changes during the quarterback school, and then they're ahead of the game when the OTAs start. They'll have it there for a second time, and then by the time we get to training camp, they'll be on it a third time from a mental standpoint. And the last aspect is from a leadership role, and that's something that has to develop on its own pace. I think Aaron has done a very good job. I think he's a lot more mature, the way he handles himself in different spots. He does a great job being around the teammates, putting in the extra time. I know the strength staff feels very good about his conditioning. He's done a great job in there. He's definitely put the time in. That creates credibility, and I think it shows when he's on the field. I think he's having a heck of a spring.

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