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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 11

(How is Kampman's concussion?)

Aaron Kampman did not practice today. There is a procedure that you go through as far as testing at each day, so we'll probably hold him. I think the earliest he'll get back is Friday is where the doctors feel he is in the process.

(When did Poppinga's quad injury come up?)

It just showed up. Last night was the first that I was aware of it. He's having an MRI done, I think it was at 11:00. We'll have more information today.

(Is it realistic that Brad Jones could start if it comes down to that?)

We're working all of our different combinations, so as far as who is starting, time will answer that. I couldn't tell you if Brady is going to be back this week, I couldn't tell you if Aaron is going to make it. But Brad has done a lot of good things, particularly on special teams. He's been very productive. He missed some time there in training camp and has really, really progressed, and he'll be ready if he has that opportunity.

(Is Jeremy Thompson another option?)

Correct, Jeremy Thompson is also working there too.

(When did Barbre get his concussion?)

Late in the game. He didn't practice today. I think if you wanted to compare him and Aaron Kampman, he's further ahead, closer to getting back on the field.

(What would happen at right tackle if he cannot play?)

We're working our options with T.J. Lang. (He) worked the majority of the reps there today. Mark Tauscher has an outside chance of getting back from his knee sprain. Dietrich-Smith will work the inside and Breno got a lot of work today too at both tackle spots.

(Are you considering starting Lang there even if Barbre can play?)

We're going to just take the full week. We're trying to get people ready to play. We're trying to get healthy. It's a challenge that everybody has, particularly this time of the year when you have injuries. So we'll look at all of our options and with just the way we are today and probably tomorrow, T.J. is going to get a lot of work over there.

(But the other four linemen will stay the same?)

I would like to have five of them in place, so yes, we'll keep those four in place

(Have you the protection issues forced you to call games differently?)

Oh, absolutely. I would hope it's obvious that we've been playing differently since early in the season as far as the way games have been called. I'm sure the other teams have recognized that. So we'll continue to use our adjustments and other things you can schematically as far as, I don't want to get into specifics of what you do in protection when you encounter these types of problems.

(Could your team use a guy like Miles Austin, someone that emerges to give the team a lift, like a James Jones or Jordy Nelson?)

I don't think you would ever not want a lift from a player that comes on for your football team. That's something that you're always trying to develop, particularly in younger players. You talk about playing and being on time in your development, I'm sure that is what has happened there. If you're talking about the return position, I think Jordy was in position to do some of those things. Just in his limited opportunities he did a good job, So yeah, for as young as we are, we'd welcome everybody to jump up and make more plays.

(How much does it take away from what your receivers can do when you have the protection issues as far as only being able to send two guys out at times?)

I think you've really answered your own question, and frankly we talked about it as an offensive staff. How far do you go is the question you have to answer each week as far as dealing with your issues. It's something I've talked about with the whole offensive team. Are we going to pass out blocking mitts for the receivers and go that way? Maybe they don't even go out. That's your last option. I would like to think that we would never get to that here in Green Bay. I'm not trying to be funny, but you have to look at all of those different types of things dealing with protection. I don't think that we're in that position. There are things that we can do better fundamentally and there are things that we can continue to help them with schematically, and that's been our approach. Because when you feel you have a strength as we feel that we do with our wide receivers, to put them in blocking mitts I don't think is very smart.

(Is Jordy Nelson getting back to where he can help?)

Jordy Nelson practiced today. As far as whether he'll be the kick returner, I'm not sure if we're ready for that yet. We'll see how the week goes. I thought he looked good out there today. He came on strong last week during his workouts. How much he plays or if he plays, we're going to really let the week sort that out.

(Was he really good in that role because he put up some good numbers as a returner?)

Jordy was very productive with his opportunities. You never want to lose productive players to injuries, but I think that's something that we've got to continue to do a better job of. It's something we came off of last year where we felt we didn't overcome our injuries, and we've had some spots this year where we're not doing a good enough job overcoming our injuries. So it's great to have Jordy back, great to have him healthy. Once again, you can't have enough productivity.

(Every game means a lot, but do you think you really need this game?)

We really want to win the game this week. There's no question about that. We approach every game the same way. November football is definitely, the importance and urgency has to increase. I think that's natural, something we talk about as a football team. We understand that the loss we came off of was fully addressed Monday, but even me sitting here today, and this is what I told the team. Our message is very clear. The head coach has to coach better, the coaches have to coach better, the players have to play better, and we have to win games. That's our focus. We're going to apply all of our energy into this Dallas game plan. We've adjusted some things schedule-wise that I normally do this time of year. I think it will help our football team, especially with 12 days when we'll have three games that we'll play. That's about as far down the road as we're looking. We're going to pour everything that we have into winning at home against the Cowboys. That's our focus.

(Does this Dallas team have as much big-play ability as anyone?)

I agree with you there. I think this is an extremely balanced and explosive offense. They lead the league in yards per play, they're No. 1 in the league. I think that tells you a lot. Our defensive staff feels it's the best offense we've played to date, as far as the ability to run it and throw the football. This will be an excellent challenge for our defense this week.

(What impresses you most about Tony Romo?)

Tony, the thing I've always been impressed about with Tony and it gets better and better each year with his experience, and even having the opportunity to be around him for a week at the Pro Bowl, is his ability to extend plays. He's a slippery, athletic quarterback that can extend plays and then put the ball ... he's cagey as far as with his ball placement and so forth. I think he's a very instinctive quarterback, someone I'd refer to more as a gym rat, very instinctive, feels the game very well. The more and more that you see him with his experience, I think he's definitely playing extremely well here the last month.

{sportsad300}(Did you conclude that you overworked the team last week and have you shortened the schedule?)

I don't want to make the overwork as an excuse. We didn't win that football game for a number of reasons. That's something that I'm always critical of myself. Frankly, I wish I wouldn't have said it, but I was just being honest. We assess everything we do from a scheduling standpoint. To answer your question, yes, we've gone to what we categorize around here as a winter schedule. It's the point in the season that I've always done this in some form or fashion. It was done a little differently this year than in the past, but we started that today.

(Every young quarterback faces adversity and criticism; is this an important time for Rodgers to respond?)

I think our whole football team is. I'm talking about everybody. And always the starting point is usually the head coach and the quarterback, and usually you want to get into priorities. Definitely, this is an important time for all of us. I'm very pleased and very comfortable that he's there in the lead. He's played extremely well for us for the most part of the year, but he's like all of us, we all need to do a better job.

(Does everything start with Ware on the Dallas defense?)

DeMarcus is a unique player, and really their front seven I think is definitely the strength of their defense. I feel their perimeter, their secondary has improved, since we played them obviously the last two years. They've improved in the back end too. I think Wade Phillips does an excellent job. I've had an opportunity to compete against Wade over the years. Ware is a Pro Bowl player. He's a unique player. He has excellent range. Everyone wants to talk about his pass rush, but he has an excellent motor, and he's definitely someone we're going to have to target and contend with.

(How is their pass rush in general?)

I would say it's definitely a top-rated pass rush, no question.

(With Rodgers' injuries to his feet and his limited opportunities, how has his footwork been?)

From a grade-wise, I don't think there's anything in there that's very revealing. I'm a believer in emphasis. When you encounter things of such, if it's a quarterback's footwork or if you're dropping the ball as a receiver, and we're not doing extra footwork drills right now. I think he's been solid.

(Does Finley have any chance to play this week?)

Jermichael has had a great week of work. He actually had a very very good workout yesterday, but the last hurdle as always is, here in Green Bay, is they've got to be cleared by the medical staff. We always play the high end of player safety. I know Jermichael wants to play. Everybody is excited to get him back on the field. But Dr. McKenzie has been doing this a long time. So until he clears that last hurdle, he won't be playing. He's getting close.

(What did the doctor find with Tauscher that made you think he has a chance this week?)

Well, like a lot of sprains, really the next day is such a huge indicator. Really the way Mark responded from the initial treatment and how he felt the next day. Pat wasn't extremely concerned from a long-term standpoint after the game, and that holds true also in the Tuesday treatments.

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