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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 19

(What happened to Wells?)

Scott Wells missed practice today. He had some symptoms in regards to a concussion that was reported to the medical staff yesterday. So we're obviously being smart with him.

(He sustained it yesterday?)

The symptoms were reported to the medical staff yesterday, so that's why we're dealing with it today. He missed practice yesterday, so we held him again today.

(Did you watch any tape of the new quarterback or was today your first look at him?)

I saw some tape on Mike, what was that, in the preseason? Plus also his combine workout and so forth. Very athletic quarterback and did some good things in Pittsburgh during the preseason. So we'll have an opportunity to try to get him acclimated to the way we do things here. I'm glad he's here.

(With Barbre and Jolly, did something happen in practice yesterday?)

Allen had an injury today at practice. It looked like an ankle sprain. I'm not sure the severity of it. It happened near the end of practice. Johnny Jolly's back locked up on him yesterday, and we had to hold him today. He's got some lower back tightness.

(Do you understand Brian Brohm's thinking, trying to get a better opportunity somewhere else?)

I had a chance to talk to Brian about it yesterday. He had an opportunity to stay here. I respect Brian. I thought Brian was improving. I just want to wish him the best, as he has moved on to Buffalo.

(What's your concern level with Wells and how ready is Dietrich-Smith?)

Well, Scott, I'm hopeful that after his test tomorrow that we'll be able to move forward. But that is up in the air. You go off of what you see. Dietrich-Smith has had a ton of work. He's really been working the majority of the reps the last couple weeks since Jason's gone down, because Scott has had some injuries during the course of the week and has been able to play on Sundays. He's definitely getting the work to get ready, so I feel good about that.

(What's going on with Clay's jaw?)

Just something that's re-occurring, and the medical staff thinks it's under control. He feels strongly that he'll play in the game Sunday.

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