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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 21

(How did Donald look? Were you happy to have him back?)

It was great to have Donald back. Donald Driver, he looked great. He had fresh legs out there today. Had a heck of a practice. Professionally I'm sure the time off helped him physically. On a personal note, he's dealing with the situation in Houston, and it was great to have him back. I think he feels better since he had a chance to get down there and visit with everybody.

(Is that a situation that can go one of two ways, where something off the field could really distract a guy, or the football field could function as a solace for him?)

I think you could make a case for both. I think every situation is different. I think any individual finds comfort, I think I would, comfort in your professional atmosphere and the people that you work with every day, especially in the business that we're in. We have an opportunity to work and create during the course of the week and express that one day of the week, on Sunday. So it's a very unique business.

(Did he seem OK to you?)

Yeah. He's in good spirits. Donald is very positive-minded. He seems in very good spirits.

(Do you have some sort of calf epidemic going through the team right now?)

I hope not. I hope not. We talked about it at length this morning with the medical staff, and they're individual cases. You always look at any type of injury, if there's a pattern. We've made adjustments in our training. They've assured me that they feel they're just individual cases. We're doing everything we can from a preventive standpoint to deal with it, but injuries are part of our business.

(Did Bush have a setback? He played Sunday, right?)

He played. It was tough for him. So we're giving him the three days to recover, and he will work tomorrow. We'll test him tomorrow.

(You talked about Jones earlier in the week ...)

He had a setback, and the medical staff felt that based on yesterday's work it would be best for him just to go through the jog-through and go through rehab today. Pat McKenzie will see all the players on the injury list tomorrow, so we'll see where James is tomorrow.

(Has Al Harris had any complaints since coming back or needed any further examination or follow-up with his injury?)

Really hasn't, and we haven't even talked about his injury, frankly. He's such a great conditioned athlete and does all the extra things on the field at practice. He's really just come right back and picked up where he left off. We haven't even talked about it.

(Are you getting to the point with Jones where you can't run the risk of keeping him active?)

All those medical decisions, we'll take the full week, and it will be no different in James' case. I'm more interested in what Dr. McKenzie tells me tomorrow, after he goes through the rehab today, and see where he is tomorrow. It's something that he's dealing with and has to continue to work through.

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