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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 21

(How did Ryan Grant look today?)

He looked fine. We really just had a walk-through. Didn't really get into a full practice. But he seems to be doing OK.

(Strong enough to do 22 or 25 carries if you need it?)

We'll find out.

(Who would be second behind him?)

Brandon Jackson.

(Do you have any additional meetings in Detroit because of the short week or is this just a normal road trip?)

This will be a normal road trip. We've finished our work as far as classroom, walk-through and so forth. We'll have a team meeting tonight at 9 o'clock, and we'll get up in the morning and go play the game.

(Can you talk about the type of person Ryan Grant is and how that relates to the success he has enjoyed?)

He's a very serious young man, has come to us from New York. He's really dedicated himself with the extra time he spent with Edgar Bennett. I don't really know him beyond our professional relationship, but I've been very impressed with his work ethic, very impressed with how fast he picked everything up arriving after training camp. He's a player that I just see improving each week with his opportunities.

(Do you expect everybody on the injury report who hasn't been ruled out to be able to play?)

They're probable, so they'll probably play.

(Over the next 24 hours, do you do anything extra, like make sure the players put their feet up or stay extra hydrated, because of the unique week?)

We have a road schedule that I think really plays to that. We finish all of our work here in Green Bay before we go to any of our opponents, and I kept that exactly the same. We have emphasized hydration all week. We're playing in a dome stadium, so that's always a major emphasis anytime you play inside, and we'll continue to do so. But as far as traveling to Detroit, all the adjustments in our schedule have been made Monday through today. We will travel one hour later than we normally do, because we needed more time to get our work done today, but the night schedule the night before the game I keep exactly the same because I'm a big believer in routines.

(What are you doing for Thanksgiving dinner when you get back tomorrow?)

I may make it to dessert. I'll have some family in Detroit to the game, and I'll be with some family and friends when I get back.

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