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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 22

(What happened with Thompson that you downgraded him?)

Jeremy Thompson's injury would fall in the classification of a fatigue injury, so just after meeting with the doctors today, they feel his chances of potentially playing Monday have lessened. We will work Jeremy out before the game to see where he is.

(What happened to Josh?)

Josh, it happened in practice yesterday. A situation where he had someone roll up on his ankle.

(With the four-day workweek, how was the energy into the fourth day?)

I thought it was great. I thought the energy was great today. The ability to practice four days in a row, we cut some of the practice time down and just spread it out over the four-day period as opposed to three days. I'm very pleased with the amount of work we were able to get done, the extra preparation and the quality of it. We feel like we've had a good week.

(Was this close to a normal Friday for you?)

Yeah. Just a couple things we cut out.

(What's the travel schedule as far as a Monday night game?)

Exactly the same. We do everything the same when we travel. We'll leave here tomorrow at 1 o'clock, like we always do, 12:45 for the players. At 1 o'clock we'll depart and we'll be in New Orleans about 3:15, 3:30, and we'll be at the hotel at 4:15.

(How did Nick Barnett come out of his surgery?)

Everything was very positive with Nick Barnett's surgery. Pat McKenzie felt very good about how the procedure went and everything that he saw. He was very positive about it.

(Any idea on the timetable for his rehab?)

A lot of that happens based on the individual, but I think it will be a normal rehab and hopefully he'll be ready to go next year. We haven't sat down and gone through the month-to-month targets and goals. Have not done that with him yet.

(There were a few guys held back today in team stuff. Just looking to preserve them?)

We had a number of players just from their medical situations that were limited participation after the jog-through, because we only have the two team periods and the 7-on-7 really that goes after that. Anybody that did not participate in the team activity was due to their medical situation.

(How did James Jones check out in his exam?)

Pat, just like I said yesterday, feels like he had a minor setback and he wants to try some new things, and he really wants to see where he is Monday. I think we have him as questionable, is that correct? Questionable for Monday, and we'll make that decision also with him. He just had a minor setback in practice the other day.

(Same thing with Jarrett Bush?)

Jarrett worked today, tested today. He will also be a workout. Jeremy and Jarrett will be our two workout players before the game to make that decision as part of our inactive list.

(Where's your confidence level in the offensive line, coming off the game two weeks ago at Minnesota and going back into a dome?)

I'm extremely confident with our whole football team. We'll play anybody, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, that doesn't bother me. This football team, every segment of it, we'll take these guys and play. I'm very confident in our offensive line. Confident in the way they work, and they're a great group to work with. We're very confident.

(How much was noise a factor in that game?)

With the offensive line? No excuses. We had a couple players that didn't play well, and we've hopefully learned from that and we'll be able to carry that experience forward to Monday night.

(How does the noise in the Superdome compare to the Metrodome?)

I think it's very similar. I think it will be, particularly when we get in the game, will be probably as loud as we've heard. I think the Metrodome is a little different as far as the type of noise, but the Superdome, I don't know if you've been there, it's a very large stadium. Seating capacity is probably 5 to 8,000 more I would think than the Metrodome is. It's loud.

(Do you normally work on crowd noise on punts like you did today?)

Sometimes. Once again, the things we do at practice, particularly in situations, are really directed on an emphasis mindset. If we feel we need to emphasize it more than we have in certain weeks, that's why we do it.

(You haven't had any problems with the count at all on the road with punts?)

Not so far, no. Don't anticipate it, but still have to practice it.

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