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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 27

(Was it encouraging that Tauscher was able to participate in the jog-through?)

That was definitely encouraging. The plan for Mark, after yesterday's medical evaluation, was to rest him Wednesday and Thursday. He was able to do the walk-through today, which was good for him because every week you have some new wrinkles and so forth. So he is definitely making progress.

(How does that happen that he was able to do something?)

There is treatment in the morning. They have treatment every morning. Every morning before the meetings there is a segment with the medical staff, and it goes on through the day up until practice. It wasn't a very strenuous day that he went through. It wasn't putting his hamstring in harm.

(Do you find it tougher for the team to focus during a holiday week, especially with both of your games this season around the holidays coming on short weeks?)

It is a challenge. I've never, that I recall, come off a Monday night game and have the holiday follow. We have that twice this year with Thanksgiving and Christmas. The ability to move the schedule up was beneficial to everybody. The positive thing is it's late in the year, so it isn't like you feel like you are missing anything. As far as the number of reps and meeting time, we haven't missed anything. So I'm confident and if we have to do extra tomorrow on Friday because of cutting the day short, we will do that.

(Are you going to practice outside at all this week?)

Our intention was to go outside today. It just didn't work out as far as the frost and the snow removal and everything on the field and the condition of the field, but the intent was to practice outside today. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow.

(When Bigby went out on Monday, was that because of his ankle or because of his performance?)

He has been struggling with an ankle throughout, and it's something that he's played with. It's not something that we've made a big deal about because it's something he's just going to have live with for the year. It's been an ongoing injury for Atari since training camp. Then on top of it he had the hamstring, which is what kept him out there before. He just wasn't able to move the way that he is fully capable of. It's something I go through every week and it starts with the inactive list. You're putting on healthy players for a player that might not be 100 percent healthy, and that's what every coach goes through at this time of the year. You try to juggle that and make sure you're not shorting yourself anywhere, and Aaron (Rouse) was healthy and ready to go.

(With both Atari and Nick Collins participating fully today, are you confident you will be OK at safety this week?)

I feel like everybody is getting healthy through the week, but it is a short week. Tomorrow will be a day of more information from Dr. McKenzie. He'll let us know and the rehab that they're doing, we'll have more information. After we get done tomorrow, you've got 48 hours. We're prepared. Jarrett Bush and other guys are getting snaps there, so we'll be ready to go.

(Do you have a sense of how guys have bounced back physically from a Monday night game?)

I thought they bounced back today. Yesterday they were sore, which you expect because yesterday's practice was really a Tuesday. On their normal schedule it was their day off. We actually worked them hard in the individual periods because of that, to get the soreness out, to help get the soreness out of their bodies. I felt like their energy was good today and they are definitely turning the corner. That's part of playing on Monday night. You've just got to be proactive with the treatment. Some guys didn't even go to sleep. They came in and got their workouts in early and treatment and so forth. I think they've done a pretty good job of being proactive, of preparing to get through this week.

(What are you doing for Thanksgiving?)

I'll be with family and friends. I want to wish you and everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. I appreciate all of the positive questions today. It is in line with the holiday.

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