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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 27

(Is Charles questionable or doubtful?)

If I were to list Charles today I would put him questionable. I am going to give him every opportunity to prepare for the game. He's pretty much around-the-clock in the training room. He's going to be a game-time decision.

(Are you encouraged by what you saw from him?)

He's improving. He's dealt with this injury before. He's making progress.

(What did he do today on the field?)

He went through the jog-through and did checks and formations, just to update the adjustments for the game.

(Is this the longest injury report you've had this year?)

I don't keep track. It's one of the longer ones. There's a lot of activity in the training room. I think it just shows you the spirit of the individuals who are trying to play. In my recollection it's about normal at this time of year. We're getting ready to make that stretch run and hopefully we can get healthy.

(When Charles went out, what did you see from Tramon Williams defensively?)

I thought he played very well defensively and on special teams. He's a young, up-and-coming player. He continues to improve with every chance that he's been given.

(What did Kabeer do today?)

Kabeer just went through more of a rehab workout to see where to he is. We'll re-evaluate Kabeer in the morning.

(Would you say he's questionable too?)

I'd say he's questionable too if I had to list him today. That's probably where he'll be tomorrow.

(Blackmon was full participation. Can he help you or is he still a couple of weeks away?)

I think so. He has a chance to play. We have a bunch of different combinations as far as the depth chart going from 53 to 45. Once again, we'll have a number of decisions up to game-time. Will Blackmon, it looks like he's ready to play.

(With all the injuries, did it affect your ability to prepare for this game?)

I don't think it affects our ability. This goes on week-in and week-out. Our guys will be ready to play. We have a plan. Our coaches have to put our players in the best position to be successful against the Cowboys. We feel like we've done that. I've been very happy with the three days of practice. We've gotten a lot done. More importantly, the preparation going through the week, guys spending extra time here in the evenings and the mornings, we're ready to play.

(If both are ready to go, what does the decision between Collins and Rouse come down to?)

I would say Nick Collins will be starting. Nick's had a very good week of practice. Aaron's questionable too. We worked him out today and we'll re-evaluate him in the morning.

(Did Collins show any rust in practice this week?)

He looked good.

(How do you feel the guys have done with all the attention surrounding this game?)

I think they've handled it well. With the feedback from Jeff and his department I think they've handled it very well. The attention to detail has been good. I go off the pulse of practice, what it looks like on film. We've had a good week of preparation.

(Did Bubba have a setback?)

Bubba had a setback at yesterday's practice. I believe it was on the last play. He didn't feel very well this morning. He had a setback. We'll see how he feels tomorrow but he was in the rehab program today.

(Was it a major setback?)

He felt something. He didn't feel very good this morning so we rehabbed him all day today.

(Can you talk about the importance of Aaron Rodgers running the scout team this week?)

It's important every week. Anytime you play a mobile quarterback like Tony Romo it's important for the defensive unit to practice the rush lanes and so forth, the secondary, the plaster as we refer to it as far as staying with the receivers when he gets outside of the pocket. Aaron did a great job with it this week.

(How have you seen Rodgers embrace his role on the team?)

I couldn't be more pleased with Aaron Rodgers. He gives you a full day of work every single day. He's really maturing in the classroom. He's a talented young man. I think he's going to be a fine quarterback.

(Did you encourage him to break out of the pocket more?)

He doesn't need a lot of encouragement in there. When he was doing Vinny last week, you'd think Vinny had a fresh set of legs. That's the way he likes to play. He just did it more this week than he normally does.

{sportsad300}(Do you have a better shot with Woodson than Kabeer?)

I don't know. They have 50-plus hours until game time. We're going to give them the full amount to get ready.

(If you don't have Woodson, who becomes your nickel?)

You'll see Thursday night for sure.

(You've been going back and forth between Williams and Walker ...)

We're prepared to go in whatever direction.

(What do you expect out of Harrell and Muir, if he's up as well?)

I expect them to get in there with their reps and rotation, and perform. This is a great opportunity for both of those guys. I'm excited for them. It will be great to see them out there playing. I know they're excited about it. We'll see what happens. It's always good to see young players get their first opportunity and this is a great one to start in.

(Do you shorten their reps any or do you just plug them in and keep the rotation going?)

We have a plan. There will be other factors in the game that will affect the rotation, as it normally does. I wouldn't say we're going with the exact rotation that we had in Detroit. That would not be the case.

(Do you have room for both Harrell and Muir on the 45?)


(On Thursday, did you pull Tauscher out of the game?)

I pulled him out. Mark was coming off the field after one of the touchdowns. He just did not look good to me and we were starting to lose players. At that point we were up two touchdowns. I pulled Mark clearly on a medical concern.

(Is that still a concern going into this week?)

He's better this week than he was last week. The short week did not help Mark with his ankle.

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