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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 5

(Are you happy with Tauscher and Clifton at this point? Do they look good physically?)

I think Mark Tauscher and Chad Clifton have put together two good practices. Once again, we're going to take the whole week's work. But we're definitely further ahead than the past two weeks, as far as their availability and the production. I think they've done a good job.

(What's been your impression of Matt Flynn this week? How important have these last two days been for him?)

The snaps that Matt Flynn has taken the last two days are invaluable for any quarterback. Anybody that's played the position knows how hard it is to get snaps during the season. In-season snaps are very precious for a quarterback. This has been great work for Matt. I actually thought he had a very good day today. He's throwing the ball with more velocity. It's nice to see the improvement that he's made from year one to year two. The ability to throw with more velocity, playing with his feet, his time clock has definitely picked up. I thought he did a lot of good things today.

(When Korey Hall is ready to go, where are you at at fullback?)

The same place we were at when we started the season. We've been carrying three fullbacks for the whole season.

(Has Quinn Johnson done enough to warrant more time?)You're asking me hypothetical questions. Right now, Korey Hall is not up.

(Where's Rodgers at right now?)

Rodgers or Raji? Aaron Rodgers, I think we're on pace for the same plan we talked about at the beginning of the week. I anticipate that he'll do some work tomorrow in the practice, but I fully anticipate that he'll play.

(What about Raji?)

He needs as many reps as he can get. I think he's picked it up, as far as his performance level, coming to camp late, had an injury. I had a chance to watch him in the one-on-ones and watch him more today than I normally do. He's getting better.

(Are you hopeful to have Nelson next week?)

I saw him in his rehab today. Looked good. That would be great to have Jordy back next week, but we'll see what our medical people say. I went in there at the beginning of practice and watched him work today. I would say he's close. I'm not a doctor, but from what I saw I thought he was close.

(Do you think Driver will be able to go tomorrow?)

I hope so. Donald doesn't miss practice, so we'll see where he is tomorrow.

(If he doesn't practice, is he one of those guys you would consider playing anyway?)

Yeah, I definitely would consider playing Donald without any practice, yes.

(Any update on Jermichael Finley?)

Same thing. Jordy and Jermichael were in the workout today. I think they're both getting a lot better. I would say Jordy's ahead of Jermichael, but I would say they're getting close.

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