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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 5

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference on Sunday. will post these full transcripts after each of Coach McCarthy’s press conferences during the 2006 season.


(On first-and-goal, what was the thinking in passing?)

We were in a personnel change, and the play design was to catch their defense in transition - hurry to the line and snap it quickly and hit the one-step slant. That did not occur. The tempo of our huddle break and so forth enabled them to react and make a big play for the Bills.

(Did you think about a run there?)

I have a run-pass option in every situation. I think it's convenient now to say I should have ran it. Once again, you've seen over and over again throughout the year, we have the ability to catch people in transition through personnel substitution, and that was our play design there.

(How does this loss stack up against some of the others?)

This is a hard one because this was a football game we had the opportunity to win, just like the other ones. It's getting too late in the year to let these types of opportunities slip away. This is definitely one we need to overcome as we move forward, but this is a difficult loss.

(What happened on the snap between Wells and Favre?)

Communication - Scott thought he heard the cadence, and obviously it wasn't. Just communication on the quarterback-center exchange.

(Same thing on the first fumbled exchange?)

Correct, both of those.

(Al Harris looked like he was expecting help on the long touchdown, what went wrong on that play?)

We had a huddle call of a two-deep zone. Manuel was obviously hurt on that play. We also have a call where if we have to hurry-up on defense and check through the coverage, that call was also made on the field. I hate to keep saying the same thing but it's what happened: it was a breakdown in communication with two guys playing two different coverages.

(In hindsight, did you think about a timeout with the new personnel on that play?)

Well, there was time because he was down on the field for a while. It was talked about, and I'm just telling you what the communication was on the boundary.

(Dendy seemed to be running across - looked like a lot of confusion, but no timeout?)

That's fine, I obviously didn't think so because I didn't call it. If that's your view, that's your view. I didn't see it that way.

(Seemed like it was only a matter of four plays)

That's part of the game. I think that's convenient to sit there and say 'Wow, we played a good game except for four plays.' If you are in the other locker room, they feel good about those four plays. Minus-four in the turnover ratio, you're not going to win too many football games. I haven't been a part of any that I can recall. Those are four big plays in the game. We did a lot of positive things. I don't want to sit here and sound like a broken record, but you have to put the ball in the end zone and keep them out of the end zone. For the most part, I thought our defense was exceptional. Special teams I think we struggled, and on offense the turnovers - you can't win that way.

(Do you analyze the tape like any other week or turn to Minnesota?)

Well, you need to analyze it, and that's what tomorrow is. We'll bring them in tomorrow, watch the film and go through it, talk about the giveaways on offense and keep stressing that. It's been a reoccurring theme for us all year, and until we get it fixed, it's going to keep us from winning football games.

(Buffalo had nine first downs - that your defense or their offense?)

I say it's our defense. I think the defense is playing well, and the last two weeks they're getting better. I think they had a good performance today. Most of their points came off turnovers and field position. They clearly won the field position battle today, but I think our defense is clearly making progress.


Jennings came back, he had the ankle. I'll know more tomorrow, but he's sore. Nick Collins is being tested right now. He has a back bruise so we're testing his kidneys now. Manuel went back in the game. He just had the wind knocked out of him.

(How much better is your offense with Jennings in there?)

I think we're much better when he's in there. He's a good player, a productive player. He's a starter.

(Can you talk about the positives - play of d-line?)

Once again, I thought the defense did a great job of keeping us in the game in the first half. With the turnovers, it was only a 10-0 game. We had a number of momentum swings that we didn't take full advantage of it. The defense was a big part of it. When you sack the quarterback, that's a big play for the defense. That was a big part of maintaining the momentum in the second half.

(Looked pretty angry going into the half - what did you say?)

I addressed the turnovers and the special teams. I thought the defense was playing very well to that point, and they needed to carry us in the second half. I thought they did for the most part.

(What didn't you like about the special teams?)

Field position number one. Our return units continue to struggle. We are not maintaining our blocks. Those are some of the things I saw on the field.

(Does this sting a bit more because you were able to move the ball so well?)

It stings, yes.

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