Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 7

(You had Charles back for a full practice today. Considering the way that injury looked earlier, is it kind of amazing to get him back like this?)

It was great to have Charles down there working today. Just visiting with him yesterday, he felt he was back to where he'd like to practice instead of doing all his work on treadmills and so forth. It was good for him to get some live reps today.

(Is the ideal with him to take it easy on Wednesday and Thursday and practice on Friday, like he has in the past?)

Once again, it's really how he comes out of the game. It's really the Monday evaluation and then the Wednesday morning evaluation.

(How much did Rodgers do today?)

He did not throw today. The medical staff felt that it was best to shut him down today, based on his level of soreness this morning.

(He did a lot of throwing yesterday, right?)

That's the most he's thrown on a combination Wednesday-Thursday practice this week since he's been injured.

(Is anybody worried about him?)

No, I'm not worried about him. I talked to him. He feels he'll be fine. They were concerned about the level of soreness that he had from throwing. That's exactly what they told me.

(Are you still working under the assumption they're going to have Jared Allen?)

Well, we can only prepare. We are prepared for Jared Allen, and as we move forward, we expect him to play. And if he doesn't, whether it's Robison or however they rotate those guys through, they have very good depth on the defensive line. But just to answer your question, we're preparing for Jared Allen.

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