Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 17

(Did Bigby have a significant setback?)

He didn't finish practice yesterday. He worked through most of it. I talked to him afterwards, thought he had a chance today. But in his evaluation this morning, we ended up holding him, so it looks like he won't be back until after the bye week.

(How about Ryan Pickett?)

Ryan practiced today. We'll see how he feels. I haven't talked to him since practice was over, but he's like we thought, and he'll do everything he possibly can to put himself in position to play the game. Definitely hopeful he'll go.

(What do you do to protect a tricep?)

There's different types of things. It's more of a harness, and basically how they set it and the specifics of it, I'm sure they'll continue to adjust it and get it to where he's comfortable.

(Do you think Wells can go?)

I look at Wells and Pickett about the same. I anticipate they'll both go, but they just had some adjustments to their equipment today, just to make sure that no further damage could be done to their injury.

(What was the thinking with Hawk not practicing? He's probable, but you held him out?)

He practiced today.

(Have you made a decision on Harrell?)

We have not. Actually I'd like to sit down at 1 o'clock, our game management meeting, and go through the board one more time. There's other factors involved, but just as far as Justin, his status, we wanted to look at the whole week's work to see where he was and how he felt. That will be the first step, and then the combination of who's active and who's not and so forth, because there's definitely some moving parts to this decision.

(Would it be tough to have to cut somebody?)

Oh definitely. It's never easy. The only time it works out for you conveniently is, unfortunately, when someone is put on IR. That's part of the moving part aspect of it that we'll have to work through.

(At this point you think you'll get Hunter and Montgomery back at some time?)

I hope so. Mike Montgomery tested again today. I haven't received the feedback on how it went. Jason Hunter, we thought he'd have a chance this week, but his testing didn't go very well. The bye is coming at a good time for our football team. It's a tough decision to make tomorrow, if we do move Justin up. If we don't then we'll benefit from the bye week.

(So you had Hawk practicing? I wrote it down as not practicing too ...)

He did practice today. We just cut his reps down. We're just trying to be smart with his injury.

(Wells always talks about getting weird injuries. Is this another weird injury?)

I wouldn't think it's a weird injury, no. It's a pretty common injury in football when you strain a muscle. It's kind of up in a high, up in here. I wasn't sure what it was when they first told me about it.

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