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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 2

(Did B.J. have a setback with his ankle?)

B.J. Raji had a setback with his ankle. I'm hopeful he'll practice tomorrow. We'll see how he feels tomorrow.

(Was the setback yesterday?)


(When did Jolly get hurt?)

Same thing. It just kind of flared up on him yesterday. But I'm confident that Johnny will probably practice tomorrow. We're just being smart with both of those guys.

(What's the outlook on Chad Clifton?)

Chad tested yesterday, it went fairly well. But the rehab this morning and the visit with the doctor was a little bit of a setback. We'll see how he feels tomorrow. He was down at the jog-through but didn't participate. So we'll see if he can go in the jog-through tomorrow and potentially at best be a gameday decision.

(This rivalry is intense between the players. How intense is it between the coaches and coaching staffs?)

I couldn't tell you. We're on opposite sidelines. We don't really ... I'm trying to think ... I really don't have relationships with anybody on their coaching staff. I'm sure they're as competitive as we are. It's an excellent rivalry. It's a game that's important. It's been a physical battle. But I personally don't have any relationships with their staff.

(Do you think Woodson's all right?)

I think so. He practiced today, took pretty much most of his reps.

(For the Rams game, why did you decide to travel Clifton and have him stand on the sidelines?)

There's nothing wrong with it. If I felt there was something from a medical standpoint that would have set him back, we wouldn't have done it. Those are decisions that are made by the medical staff, and when there isn't, or we feel any danger or potential setback, we really leave it up to the individual.

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