Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 2

(What's your feeling on Rouse?)

He's not coming along as fast as we would have hoped, so we'll see where he is tomorrow. Friday is a big checkup day with all the injured guys, so I'll probably go off Pat McKenzie's recommendation tomorrow.

(Are you going to try Bigby tomorrow?)

Well, he went some today, and he went through his rehab improved, as far as the intensity of it, and preliminary testing. Hopefully he responds to that. There was some hope of him possibly practicing full today, but it didn't work out that way.

(What can you get from Charlie Peprah if you need him?)You go back to training camp, Charlie was right in the thick of it. Charlie Peprah was someone we felt was pushing the other guys in training camp and had the pretty significant hamstring injury, missed a lot of time. It's good to have him back. He's been a solid performer for us on special teams, and this is an excellent opportunity for him if he does get the start. We have confidence in Charlie. We really feel that we have four very good safeties on this team, and I think Jarrett Bush has potential to be another good safety. We're confident in his abilities.

(Was Rodgers able to throw more than a tennis ball today?)

We didn't even go that route. The plan was to rehab him as hard as they possibly can with yesterday, and he was a little sore from yesterday's work today, and that was the same plan today. They're working as hard as they can to get as much strength back in the shoulder. That's the focus.

(If you're in a situation Friday where you know Rodgers isn't going to play, do you give Flynn all the reps?)

I really took today's practice, the focus was to get Matt Flynn ready. I didn't even give Aaron any reps in the jog-through today because of that. I wanted to make sure that today Matt felt very comfortable, and actually practiced very well. He did a nice job in the two-minute. We scored down there with a couple seconds left. Oh, that's right, you guys were gone. But he had a nice practice today. That was the focus, and we'll see where Aaron is tomorrow. But once again, even after tomorrow's practice, you still have another 48 hours before kickoff, so we do have some time.

(Did you give Brohm any reps with the 1's today?)

Yes, he had some limited reps with the 1's.

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