Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 2

Read the transcript of Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference Monday night. Packers.com will post these full transcripts following each of Coach McCarthy’s press conferences throughout the 2006 season.


(How severe is Favre's head injury? Is it a concussion?)

There hasn't been a diagnosis yet, but it was his head and a stinger. We'll know more, but I think he's going to be fine

(It was a close game, then all of a sudden the tide kind of turned for them. How did it turn that quickly for them in the second half?)

That's part of football. I really felt the second half came down to big plays. We had the turnovers and they scored off the turnovers. They made their big plays on offense, we had chances for big plays and we did not. Big plays equal points and I thought that was a key factor in the way the game got away from us in the second half.

(Does it worry you the big plays aren't fixable as they keep happening again?)

Am I worried about it? We just have to keep working, we've got work to do. I thought our defense played very well in the first half, so there's evidence that we can do it and do it right, and we'll continue to work to do it that way for 60 minutes.

(How does Ahmad Carroll hold a job now when he makes progress and then regresses and that's his history?)

We'll evaluate everybody tomorrow. That's part of our process of going through the film. There will be no decisions made tonight.

(With your defense against their offense, did you keep them in check in the first half?)

I just thought we adhered to our game plan. I thought our defense was physical, I thought they did a good job swarming to the ball, particularly against the run. They're a big play offense and we made the big plays inside the red zone early. That's what we needed to do in the second half, we did not. For the most part I thought the offense we were working on establishing the run. We really didn't have the ones that come out, but for the most part we were banging at the door, I thought we were running the ball physical. I thought the pass protection was good there early. But once you get behind like that, you're playing uphill, and that's a game you don't want to play.

(Did Morency give you a little something?)

He's a different type back than Ahman, and that's part of why we traded for him. He's a good change-of-pace back. I thought he had an opportunity tonight, he touched the ball 30-plus times, and I thought he competed and battled.

(In your system, are you trying to make Brett less of a gambler?)

As far as his gambling ability, it's based on running a completion-oriented offense. It illustrates the way we play, we've been playing high side of protection, 3- and 5-step drops. So to answer your question, I guess that would make him less of a gambler, but I wasn't here before, so I can't really comment on his past.

(Can you describe what Brett said (when he was taken out)?)

He was just shook up. He said he got hit in the head and had a stinger. I don't think it's serious, but we'll know more when we get back inside.

(Did he get a little looser with the ball when you got behind?)

Thought he had the one poor decision, the interception late down the middle of the field. That's late down the middle. You guys have heard me say it before. But for the most part, I thought he did a good job. We had a bunch of run-pass checks at the line, and he gave our receivers opportunities to make plays. I thought from a game management standpoint, he managed the game pretty well and was trying to spray the ball around.

(A lot of good progress seems to be undermined by the secondary. How do you respond to that one area that seems to keep biting you?)

I think like anything, if you've seen it done right, you have something to hold onto. I've seen the secondary, I've seen every phase of our football team do it correctly, so the problem is we're not doing it correctly for 60 minutes. So that's what I hold onto. If I didn't think they could do it correctly, there would be a change. I've seen it with my own eyes, it's no different than what I've told them. I've seen it in training camp, I've seen it in pieces of the game. We need to do it for 60 minutes, and we're just not there right now.

(Any other injuries?)

We have Donald Lee, knee. Driver, he's fine, he returned. Ferguson had a foot, did not return. You heard about Favre. And Woodson had a shoulder but he returned.

(Lee or Ferguson, are those going to keep them out for a while?)

I couldn't tell you. I don't have enough information right now.

(Spitz and Moll, the guards, how did that play out?)

We started with Tony and Daryn, and then we started rolling Jason in at right guard. I think that's very healthy, because all three of them are on a pretty even plane of where they're at in their experience, so we'll just keep working with that combination. All signs looked like they went out there and competed and I think they got better today.

(Did you know William Henderson was not going to make the trip here?)

Yes. William was able to stay home. He flew in today from a personal matter. Did I know? Yeah.

(Did that have anything to do with him possibly not suiting up?)

No, it was a personal matter, with his newborn baby.

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